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    Default Printers at CN & CTI

    Does anyone know if printers are available in computer rooms at either CN or CTI? Thanks, mnb

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    There were not any at CTI in the past.

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    I understand there are printers in the new Internet Cafe at CTI.

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    We were at CTI last week 9/18 - 9/26 and we printed our boarding passes in the internet cafe on their printer. So Yes there is a printer at CTI.

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    To be honest, I only went into the internet cafe once while we were at CN and I can not remember if there was a printer or not. I am going to guess no.

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    I don't remember any at CN.
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    They have a laser printer at CTI.
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    Just @ CTI 9/13-22, and yes there was one printer in the Internet Cafe and about 10 computers.

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    There was a printer available in the internet cafe at CTI when we were there in July.

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    There is a printer at the internet cafe at CN.

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    We were just at CN 9/18-25. There was a printer in the Internet Cafe that we used.

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    I'm a printer by trade and lots that I would like to have said but Julie told me not to.

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