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    We stayed at Couples Negril for a week in June 2012 for my 60th b-day. Returning in October 2013 to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary . How do we sign up for repeaters dinner and find out if we get any other perks? I have already booked our 3rd stay for July 2014 to celebrate my wifes 60th b-day.

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    Go to the bottom of this page, and click on Romance Rewards. Everything is self-explanatory from there. You may or may not receive your number before your trip. Once you do get the number, fill in the Pre-check-in form.
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    Did you sign up for Romance Rewards at the bottom of every page? Then do the pre checkin about a week or two before your trip. They wil ask for flight info, what you want in your minibar and your repeaters gift.

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    When you checkin remind them your a repeater and an invitation will be sent to your room for the dinner. At the bottom of this page there is a link to romance rewards, it talks about the award levels. Your are registered for the. Romance rewards correct? Congratulations on yiur anniversary! Have fun!

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    At the bottom of the page you will see a link for Romance Rewards. Follow the link and sign up. Send an email to RR and have then put in your 2012 travel dates. When you get to Couples, notify them you are repeaters. Also let them know you are celebrating your anniversary. They'll do something special for you.
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