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    Arrived yesterday. Gala was held outside even tho storm was out over the sea.

    At arrival, was greeted warmly and our name was promptly recognize by guest relations due to my request to be in "D" penthouse. She was happy to have a face put with the name that she worked with. No rooms in "D" block available so ended up in E11. Was told D21 would be ready Sat if I wanted it. As our room wasn't ready, we ate lunch and checked out both rooms. Maids were cleaning both and graciously showed them to us. We felt the view in E11 was better and decided to stat.

    This afternoon, was told we would have to move to D block as problems with water. It would not be on until 5 this evening, however, if I wanted to stay I could. We decided to stay as we would have been given D27 and the time to pack and unpack would have used up most of the time water was off. Living without water for 2 hours isn't that bad to keep the view. They did give us$100 voucher for inconvience.

    Sunset beach. I know Randymon has said it would be open by Oct 1. I don't know. This morning, they were grouting the tile around the pool and coating the cement in the shallow end. They did not make the pool one depth. Still need to be painted and it rained this afternoon. Ready to fill by Mon and Tues ???

    One big noticeable difference from 2 years ago was the tile by the balloon bar and lobby. Slippery red tile removed and cement tile in its place. Not as slippery in the rain.

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    Thank you for the update!!

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    Have a wonderful time!!

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    It's Monday morning and I am sitting on the balcony having a coffee watching the sun rise.
    After exploring a bit yesterday, I noticed that yes, the tiles outside the ballon bar and down the stairs are new. The tiles outside the spa, where the big chess board was are new. The roof on the main pool bar is also new.
    As for Ssb, the pool is almost filled, and work was continuing on the jacuzzi and such even on a Sunday. I think management is pressing hard to keep the finish date, and from what I saw, it will happen. My only doubt may be the hot tub.
    I will post again tomorrow, October 1, as we are off to cti for the day.

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    Novastar was correct on new tile around resort. When I first replied we did not do a complete tour. Sunday afternoon, the deep end of pool was already filled and water spilling into shallow area. There was a workman still sanding the ledge in shallow end as water was being filled. In the evening, it appeared the pool was almost filled. In place of the grotto, there is a handrail going into deepend.

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    Just went over to sunset beach at 2:45 PM. Its been raining for about 3 hours and let up to a sprinkle so I decided to do a walk. I believe Randymon on opening of the pool Oct. 1. Main pool and jacuzzi full of water. Jacuzzi jets are running. They are grouting the bar and the back wall of grill wall. There are a swarm of workers all over the place. Hopefully the sun will be back out soon.

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    Love reading about people's experiences at CSS, thanks for all the updates. We can't wait to "Go and know"

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    Big kudos to Randymon. It 7:15 Tues morning and blue tarp is down at sunset beach. Workers are cleaning up, vacuuming pool and touch-up painting.

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    How is the mineral hot tub? That's our favorite place at css. Envious of your room! We've stayed in two D block PH rooms: The Steve McQueen suite and the Harry Belafonte suite. Heaven!

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    How's the weather? One week to go for CSS...

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    Have not been to mineral hot tub. Where is it. I do know where the mineral jacuzzi is.

    Weather finally cleared up Wed. after the big low pressure area move west and toward Mexico. Monday had 3 hours of rain, overcast on Tues and bright sunny on Wed and today. Met a couple at beach party Wed. who just arrived from CSA and they said that it rained all day on Tues in Negril.

    I did not mention in previous posts is the renovation to the spa offices. Putting new roof and interior.

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    I meant the mineral jacuzzi. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Cape Cod Sue - The mention of hot tub threw me. We went in the jacuzzi and water was cold.

    Today leave for home. Another beautiful sunny day, makes 4 in row after low pressure moved toward Mexico Tues night. Weather the past 8 days were good except for 3 hour rain on Monday afternoon and overcast on Tues.

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