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    Default Halloween at CSA

    We are arriving on Halloween. Is there usually a celebration for this holiday? Any tips or suggestions?

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    someone must be able to answer this

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    Enjoy the resort, you're in paradise!

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    Yes they do. Staff will dress up and Some guests dress up too. We are debating if we are bringing costumes with us or not this year. Last year they had a pumpkin carving contest too. Bottom line it will be a scary good time mon!

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    Default H a l l o w e e n

    OK.....last year due to Hurricane Sandy i was stuck in JA at CSA ( i know stuck in JA) 4 extra days putting me there for Halloween....well I won the pumpkin carving contest (rasta pumpkin) night they had a great show,they had a costume contest.....all in all it was an interesting bring a costume.....BUT WATCH OUT FOR DUPPIES

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