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    Default Baby Sea Turtles born at Couples Barbados

    Making a dash for the sea, at least 173 baby sea turtles hatched on the beach at Couples Barbados.

    More nests so stay tuned...

    Baby Sea Turtles at Couples Barbados - YouTube

    Couples Resorts

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    Beautiful & wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    That is so cool! Does this ever happen at Sans Souci - in early February perhaps? Thanks for sharing!!

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    Hi ggirl40, During our July 2012 trip the sea turtles came ashore at night on SSB and laid eggs. I think they hatched in October. There is a videoe on You Tube of the eggs hatching! CSS has an awesome environmental officer who can share all sorts of wonderful info with you during your stay. He walks the resort daily. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name right now! Have a great trip!

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    Yes! When we were at CSS in early August, baby turtles emerged on Sunset Beach and made their way to the water. This was one of our favorite memories. I loved the fact that the security guard was genuinely excited about this and alerted all of us to what was happening on the beach.

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    Why do they pick them up and put them in a box some nights?

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    The turtle's instinct is to go towards the brightest light, so when they hatch at sundown (which is normal), that's the sun setting over the ocean. If they hatch late at night, they go inland towards the resort and predators. A couple of turtles were found in & around the pool that night at CB for that reason.

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    Another nest just hatched Sat 1600. Fantastic sight

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