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    Default Clothing optional?

    FI and I are going for 10 days to CSS. Is this too much clothing?

    4 bathing suits
    Water shoes
    1 outfit for Dunns River Falls
    Flip flops
    1 pair dress shoes
    2 nice dresses
    2-3 cover-ups
    4 sun dresses
    1 pair shorts
    2 tshirts
    Light sweater

    4 bathing suits
    Water shoes
    1 outfit for Dunns River Falls
    Flip flops
    1 pair Closed toed shoes
    1 pair dress pants
    2 polo/button ups
    2 pair shorts
    2 tshirts

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    TOOO much if you're hanging out on the A/N side. The best side.

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    We go for 14 days and each bring 7 swim suits and 8 outfits for dinner. Nothing wrong with rewearing an outfit your not in them that long and you can always send them out to be cleaned. Maybe a couple more swim suites nothing ever dries.

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    Your outfit for dunns should be a swim suit, you are going to get soaked
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    If FI is only taking a total of 4 shirts for 10 days, I hope you plan to spend the majority of your time in the water! . It's hot, and nothing dries there! I take a casual sundress for each day and a couple of dressy ones. Hubby takes 6-7 tshirts and 4-5 Tommy Bahama shirts.

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    The only thing you need to wear to Dunn's River Falls is your swimsuit. You will be walking up the Falls in the water, so no need for an outfit. Just wear your swimsuit and a good pair of shoes for gripping the slippery rocks.
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    My husband and I are going to CSS for 8 days this month and I am bringing way more than that. Mostly in the dress and shoes area. I work in scrubs and spend most of my off time in very casual attire. I am looking forward to dressing for dinner each night. I want to feel pretty and special. We booked this trip almost 2 years in advance and are so in need of a vacation. I don't care that I will have to pay more for that second suitcase. I am bringing a different dress for each night's dinner. And in addition to my flip flops, I am bringing 3 pairs of shoes. I think you should bring what you are comfortable with. If your goal is to minimize luggage, then pack minimally and send out laundry if need be. But for me, I want to have what I want to have and know I will feel more comfortable if I do. (P.S. - My husband is not of the same mind when it comes to packing - ha ha!)
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