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    Default CSA Review - 9/11-9/20

    We just returned from our 9th trip to CSA, and it was awesome as always. It has 4 years since we had been back, but it was just as we remembered. I will go by each section, food, room, beach, etc, but let me say upfront, I heard several people complaining while we were there about various things, nothing major, just little issues, but we no complaints because we don't sweat the small stuff. We could complain about about some things, but what is the point, we were in paradise. It is what you make it. We spent 9 glorious nights, enjoying each other, the people, the beautiful gardens, the food, and so on. We heard some people complaining about the staff, which is completely unfounded in my opinion. They would say the staff looks miserable, but everyone, and I mean everyone I spoke to was ready to talk and with a smile on their face. Every good morning, was returned with a good morning and a how is your day going. The staff is wonderful, and very jovial, if you just talk to them. I heard some complain about the tree frogs, that is one of my favorite parts about falling asleep, hearing those wonderful sounds throughout the resort. I do understand silence when they sleep, but that is what they have earplugs for. We had a little kitten that came and saw us every day. My wife loved the little guy, and we had brought cat treats in hopes we would find one. I heard one couple complain about a cat on there verandah, well just tell him to leave and they will. We just fell in love with each other all over again. We work long hours when at home, so 9 nights to just reconnect with each other was very much needed. When the rains came, we would venture back to our room, swing in hammock and read or just talk. How often can you just sit in paradise and talk with your loved one? It was amazing, it is what you make it. Now on to the review:

    Food: We had Feathers twice and Lemongrass twice and it was fantastic every time. Feathers is my wife's favorite, we get a little dressed up and it becomes date night. The menu has a wide variety of food and my wife is a vegetarian and the chef has a special veggie option, which was delicious. We loved Lemongrass, and Canute, our waiter, was awesome, we had a good time with him, he had a great personality. We ate the Palms for most breakfast and lunches, and they were wonderful, they omelet station is excellent! We ate Patios several times, and the food was being good!

    Beach: This is where we spent most of our time. We love getting out early and soaking up the sun. The beach is in great shape and the vendors, while in abundance, will keep going if you just say no thanks. They are just trying to make some money, so cut them a little slack.

    Room: Was everything we wanted and needed. We always opt for the Atrium room, my wife loves the hammock and we don't want a TV in our room. I watch a lot of TV at home, so we want to just enjoy each other for a while and a TV would just be a distraction. The in-room mini bar is awesome! You can get a sparkling wine, champagne, and it was a nice treat to have a bottle in your room every night. We had a few lizards in our room, but we just gave them a name and they became a part of our family, no worries. The cleaning ladies made up the room every day and did a fabulous job. The turn down service is wonderful as they bring fresh towels again at night, not many places do that. The room service for breakfast is our favorite, having hot Jamaican coffee and fresh fruit first thing in the morning is incredible.

    Bars: The beach bar is the one I was at the most, and as usual they had a wide variety of top shelf liquors, and plenty of Red Stripe. The martini bar is very fun and a great place to talk to others staying at CSA, we went there 3 or 4 nights before dinner.

    Staff: Had a great time talking and joking with the staff. We met OShane, he was part of the grounds crew and was very friendly and answered all of questions. He stopped by our room several mornings and asked how we were doing and if we were enjoying ourselves and told us more about the vegetation around the resort. Again, they are very friendly, if you speak to them.

    It may sound like we had no problems, like everyone else, we had some small things happen, but they weren't big issues and not worth discussing. I focused on my wife and the beauty that surrounded us, and all the small things just disappeared. If you let the small things get to you, you will not be happy anywhere but if you go with the right mind and heart, you will have the best time of your life. Jamaica is very special to my wife and I and we will be going back as soon as possible.

    Go and enjoy all things Jamaica and all things CSA has to offer, but more importantly, enjoy your spouse, it can be the most romantic, special place you will ever go to.

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    Great review! My husband and i will be going to csa for the first time in october on our honeymoon. Although this is my 13th time to jamaica it is his first. I have heard great things about csa and your review really has made me even more excited to go. Thanks for the awesome review.

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    Thanks for the review. It was a great read. We leave next Friday and I can't wait to reconnect with my husband. It's so great to have a week of just him and I, in paradise, with no worries. CSA rocks!

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    I agree, don't sweat the small stuff and you'll have a great time, glad you did

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    Agree with everything you said! We will be on our favorite beach on Friday and cannot wait! Someone complained about the tree frogs?!? I wish I could bottle that sound! Don't wait 4 years to go back next time!

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    We couldn't agree w/you more! Thanks for the nice review! Respect - Razzl

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    Jeremy, you got it!!! It is what it is, and there is not much greater! Awsome.

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    Suzi, already planning our next trip, some time next year. We had a child start college, so JA money went to college...Enjoy CSA and JA!

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    Dont sweat the small stuff in life is the best advice

    Good review

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    I agree the service at CSA especially in the restaurants can be awful.

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    Ron3637 - nobody in this entire thread complained about the service in the restaurants except for you.

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    ron3637 people like you are just going to find that the glass is half empty in every situation.

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