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    Has anyone gone to the Bob Marley tour? We will be staying at the cti, should we bring money? How do you set it up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa425beth View Post
    Has anyone gone to the Bob Marley tour? We will be staying at the cti, should we bring money? How do you set it up?
    OMG YES!!!
    We have been on this tour twice and it is awesome! Book through Chukka Tours and make sure you go on the Zion Bus. You will find that a lot of people will tell you to take a private driver but I could not disagree more. The bus takes you through Fern Gully, plays BOB music all the way up the mountain, shows a video of his biography, stops for authentic snack and beer then on to Nine Mile. After the tour you stop on the way down and have a fabulous lunch of jerk chicken, curried goat, sugar water, rice and peas etc. It was the highlight of our trip and we may do it again in January. Cant say enough good things about it.

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    If you are an avid fan, then go, do it at least once. I went twice, but that was over 20 years ago and I've been back to Couples dozens of times since then. You are on the right side of the island as well since it's a very long drive from CSA or CN.

    Several things - spend the money for the private driver. I don't know what the current Chukka Tours rendition of the drive entails, but when I went in the early 1990s and again in 2002(?) it was a long, hot drive on the bus and a magical day with the private driver, the second time. A private driver can take you any place you want to go and will stop whenever and wherever you want him or her to stop. The buses all stop at the same place, quite crowded, and you're limited in just how long you'll be there.

    As you walk up the hill from the parking area, people will throw and drop baggies at your feet. If you pick it up, you'll be pressured to pay for it. Just ignore them and walk on. I was there in the late morning and early afternoon; not much difference in the crowds. Buy nothing, just go for the experience and to feel the vibe that will never die.
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    Definitely take the Chukka Zion Bus tour. It was fantastic! Book it through the resort, at the Tour Desk.
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    One more for a private hire. Listening to Legend on repeat on a hot bus...I'll pass.

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    It's really a must if you're a Bob Marley fan. Yes it's very commercial and touristy, but it's still Bob's birthplace and final resting place.

    Entry fee is covered if you take the bus. If you take a private hire taxi entry is I believe $15 each. At least it's close to that. Once there, you will be hit up to buy candles (around $1), beers (5$), food (there's a sit down restaurant), tip the guide (we gave $10), tip the musicians ($2-$3) so you'll want to bring some cash.

    We've done the private hire. You get to set your own pace, stop where you want going up to Nine mile, and back down again. We went through Fern Gulley, saw where Marcus Garvey lived, and had Curried Goat for lunch up in the hills at a place with only locals, no tourists. Can't speak to the bus ride since we haven't done it, but we will do the private hire again. It's a full day but you get to see some beautiful countryside.

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