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    We've done one cruise (for a reason) with Carnival for our honeymoon. CN's food is much better than the food we had on that ship. As for other AIs, they are not even comparable to the quality at CN. I will make a couple important points.

    There is nothing special about the burgers, chips/cheese, fries, Caesar salad, or any other staples at CN. It's typical grill food and the menu is same every day. My favorite is the jerk chicken, which is not the same as the drum pan jerk chicken from the street vendors or the pimento wood jerk at the real jerk centers, but it will suffice. Also, I LOVE patties, but they are not for everyone. The snapper sandwich is as good as everyone says it is.

    The buffets are just that, buffets. Therefore, there will always be a handful of items that are the same from day-to-day. Smoked salmon and marlin, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, saltfish & ackee, some cheeses, omelette station, and tons of pastries. For drinks, there are coffee, tea, fresh juices, jelly coconuts, and even a DIY mimosa/bloody mary station. All of which are quite tasty. Lunch buffet is similar with the omelette grill serving a different specialty and some breakfast items replaced with lunch items.

    The real treat is the dinner menus. The international buffet nights are much better than the daytime buffets, and chances are that you will want to try more things than you can. Lots of variations. Lychee is more general "Asian", than just "Thai". There are hints of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai throughout the menu. All very good. There's never a bad meal at Lychee. Heliconia (Beach Grill except during dinner hours) is more of a pasta-type place, but does have dishes without pasta. About 85% of what's on the menu is awesome with a bit of disappointment maybe one time, but it's all relative.

    I'm a foodie and my wife loves great food, and the one meal that has always been different and always been phenomenal is Otaheite. This is the foodie place for sure. Awesome recipes, preparation, and variety.

    The other one, that you don't hear much about, is the a la carte night at Cassava Terrace (buffet by day). This is going to be your more typical restaurant menu with a nice variety of starters and entrees to choose from. We have had a great experience there every time.

    While the breakfast/lunch buffets and Beach Grill are very tasty, they are pretty much the same from day-to-day. The dinners are what really sets Couples apart.

    You will be very happy, compared to a cruise ship, and much happier than any previous AI. We've had horrible food at other AIs (DR, Mexico, etc), and the food is one of the top reasons we haven't tried another AI in the last 6 years. As for good food, Couples is where it's at.
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    Ackee and Saltfish for breakfast
    Lion fish
    Soups with a veggie or fish base (because I don't eat meat)
    Pizza at Patois (nice thin crust - yum)!!
    Mimosas for breakfast (can't start the day without one)!
    Creme brle (had a fantastic rosemary creme brulee at Feathers once - I never liked it before, but fell in love with this and always do my best to order whatever version they have on offer)!
    Lunch time dessert offerings at the Palms. They're tucked away from the main buffet area....fantastic!

    Now I'm hungry!!

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    I agree with everything you said dank, but the one other thing I believe that makes their food special is the daily soup specials, at least for me. They have some of the best soups I have ever had anywhere bar none. But that is my palate. Now I will not say I am overly fond of all their types of soup, but the flavors I love outweigh the ones that just don't appeal to me. Is good Mon!

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    Jerk burgers are the first I go for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    You will be very happy, compared to a cruise ship, and much happier than any previous AI. We've had horrible food at other AIs (DR, Mexico, etc), and the food is one of the top reasons we haven't tried another AI in the last 6 years. As for good food, Couples is where it's at.
    Ok that's good news. After some land based vacations with great food and some with not so good food, we definitely wanted a place that has food quality and quantities at the cruise ship level or above. I'll see you in November!

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    I can't speak for cruise food but I do have to say Couples food is amazing and a big reason we come back. After visiting Couples CN for our honeymoon we tried an Iberostar in Riviera Maya for our 1yr and the food was so HORRIBLE I could hardly eat it and got terribly sick. Went to CSA for our 2yr and the food was again amazing. We've booked CN again for April and will always book Couples for all inclusive trips. I know the food is amazing and my trip won't be ruined by food poising!

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    I agree with the previous posters as well and Dank....I agree with a lot of what you said.

    We don't typically like buffets but I do like the breakfast choices at CN and I LOVE the International Buffet. It works great for us as it is the first night we are there and gives us the opportunity to try lots of things.

    Othaheite is great and special. I love Heliconia. We didn't like Lychee the one time we tried it but most people just rave about it.

    The food is outstanding. The service is wonderful.

    The soups...WOW...if you get a chance, try as many of those as you can!

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    Pretty much anything at the CTI Veggie Bar, but especially the Sweet Potato Chips.

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    Fresh fruit smoothies at Cassava with breakfast.. Jerk Burgers at The Beach Grill...Beef Carpaccio at Heliconia and any of the desserts!!!

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    Banana French Toast from Pataois at Swept Away!

    Tammie & Mike
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    I've made mental notes:

    1. Make sure I try the soups
    2. Make sure I try the banana breads/toasts and other pastries

    Only 28 more days now. Time is flying! It's gotten cold here in Toronto too, close to freezing, so it's going to make the heat of Jamaica all that much more sweeter.

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    I love me some breakfast food.
    Breakfast at Patios - banana French toast. Pancakes, the omlettes ! daily smoothies!

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