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    Default FOOD YUM! What's your favourite dishes at Couples?

    Travelling to Couples Negril for 10 days November 21 - December 1st.

    This will be our first time at Couples Resorts. I'm curious to hear from you all your favourite food dishes! I must admit food at the resort is one of the big things we are excited about! We are hoping it will be as good as we've heard! Are the buffets good too?!

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    that is a very tricky question but I had more red snapper sandwiches and pattys than anything else. out of all the things I ate and I tried alot of different stuff there was only one dish I did not care for and it was a potato of some sort they had for breakfast one morning at the buffet

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    A must try is any and all soups and don't be afraid to try new things.

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    Rack of Lamb with sweet potatoe au-gratin

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    Make sure you sample ALL the Jamaican dishes. Breakfast - ackee and saltfish. Lunch - jerk chicken. Dinner - curried goat. These are my top three, but there are plenty of other local dishes available. Oh, don't forget bammy!!!
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    Go to Lychee and get their appetizer sampler platter and a Lychee martini or two.

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    Onion rings!!!! Seriously, they are the best (at the beach grill) in 5yr my husband and I have never found better ones. All the food is really good, even the buffets. Honestly the food is a lot of the reason we keep coming back lychee pad thai is great too!

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    I had a duck appetizer at Heliconia. Very good!
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    Cheesecake at Patois! The margarita and the burnt orange are absolutely delicious! The cheesecake lady is pregnant. Cute as a button!

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    Pumpkin Soup at CTI - to die for!

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    Yellow curry shrimp at Lychee, beef patties and snapper sandwiches at Beach Grill, any soup at Otaheite, beef tenderloin at Cassava for a la carte or curried goat at international buffet, any pasta dish with white sauce at Heliconia, and grilled lobster at the original Office of Nature!

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    Jerk Chicken at the beach grill is what I look forward to the most. Also love all the red snapper dishes. Not a fan of Lychee (my husband loves it, though) but the food everyplace else is GREAT! Like has been said before, try new things that you normally wouldn't eat at home. If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it but you might love it & be glad you did.

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    Goat is my favorite. At CB opening week it was not on the menu. Valentine found some in Barbados and prepared it for us the next day at lunch. Way beyond great.

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    You guys are making me hungry!

    What do they serve on the buffet nights? My wife and I arrive on a Thursday which I have heard is the beach buffet.

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    You guys are making me hungry lol! We arrive on a Thursday night which I have heard is the beach buffet. What sort of foods should we expect in the buffet?

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    The mushroom soup is too die for in my book, but the food is all good. Try different things especially the Jamaican dishes at the buffet. I will say, I don't like all of it, but that is my taste buds, my wife likes what I don't but neither of us are picky eaters. Enjoy, is good Mon!

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    Rule #1 about Couples is NEVER SKIP THE SOUP!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite is the Thom Kla at the Thai restaurants at any of the Couples.

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    Smoked Marlin starter at Patois, CSA. or eggs benedict at Patois as they use smoked marlin.

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    coconut chicken soup at CTI. We did have some fresh caught conch while there. My friend caught one while diving, the guys in the dive shop prepared it....Wonderful

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    *mental note -- remember to ask for soups


    I'm looking forward to the asian food ... we live in downtown Toronto so we actually do eat good thai food often but it will be nice to get good asian food while on vacation in the Caribbean too!

    The fish stuff sounds awesome. I'm a huge seafood fan so I'm of course looking forward to Lobster (we will be there for 10 days so we get Lobster twice!! =D) and the snapper sandwiches sound amazing. I thought the Snapper sandwiches were only available at Couples Swept Away, so that's great news they are available at Couples Negril too!

    We love spicy food and are really looking forward to authentic Jamaican dishes too!

    Counting down the days now, only 48 more days~!~

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    Csa had lionfish last April, if you see it at cn, try it, it was delicious.

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    Eight Rivers, lobster w/ filet & shrimp kabob. Hubbies is crispy bacon @ any of the resorts.

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    I agree about the soups, Ah- maz- ing!!!!! I also enjoy the Callalou, the pineapple, try all the fruit and nut breads as well at breakfast, for lunch it is jerk chicken or pork any day and for dinner, I like the oxtail and at CTI, the pad Thai is something very special. My secret is losing 10 extra pounds pre-vacation, my clothes are loose fitting initially and then I am back to my normal weight when we leave. Works every time!!!!!

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    Pumpkin Soup - AMAZING!!!!! could and would drink a gallon of this!
    Banana Bread - WOW!! - by the way ALL pastries at CN are out of this world
    Crab with mushroom & Cheese omelet's - what a way to start the day!!!
    Lobster night!!!!! - Nuff said!
    Snapper sandwich - Snapperlicious!

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    This may seem silly but how would you all compare the food at Couples Negril to a Cruise ship?

    I've been on Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess. We found the quality of food on cruise ships greatly exceeded our previous land based vacations (various Mexican and Dominican Republic Clubhotel RIU's, Gran Bahia Principe Don Pablo Collection, Iberostar in Cuba).

    With that said, my research seemed to indicate that the food at Couples will be at least comparable to a cruise ship ... or better. It's one of the big reasons we picked Couples -- we are both foodies and wanted a place with really memorable meals, snacks, etc. Our last land based trip we went to a Cuban resort (not the Iberostar, this one was a resort I had no choice in picking) for a wedding and it was really bad food wise ... bad enough to the point I LOST weight.

    So this is one of the reasons we've stuck with cruises for the most part ... food!

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