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    Default CSA Spa Specials?

    SDD! We're coming home to CSA on 10/4!!

    This is our 5th trip to Jamaica and 4th trip to CSA, but we've never used the spa services before. *gasp*
    I plan to get a massage this year. Does anyone know if the CSA spa has daily specials? Some resorts give discounts for couples or for getting services during "slow" times/days. Just wondered if anyone has seen that done at CSA. Also, does CSA offer outdoor or beach massages?

    Thanks so much!!!

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    That is a great question and I would love to know the answer too. We will be arriving on October 4th too and I plan of taking advantage of the resort credits we will get by using most of them at the spa. I have only had a massage at CTI and I look forward to trying some other treatments. See you there.

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    I hope this feet answered before we leave on Sunday. I would like to know the answer too!

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    We will be there same time as you, and I frequent the CSA spa, so will probably run into you! I'm not aware of any specials, but I can tell you the services sure are special!

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    Yes, they have daily specials.

    I have only ever seen them posted at the spa checkin desk. I assume you could call and they would tell you over the phone. Or if you exercise in the morning you can swing by to see what is posted.

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    Thanks rachlm927! I know a couple treatments I'm going to get done, but I love specials

    3 more sleeps until CSA!!!!!!

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