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    Default CSS Penthouse Photos...

    Can you guys please post some pictures of a the Penthouses at CSS? I am trying to visualize myself drinking Red Stripe and eating Jerk Chicken on the balcony and some pictures would really help! Thanks!

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    See the following thread. I posted a few pics of our D-21 (Angela Bassette) Penthouse Ste.


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    Thanks Jackie! That helps tremendously! How do you go about requesting a particular Penthouse, and would that be the one you would request? I'm sure they are all great! From what I understand, the 4 in D are the only ones considered Penthouses now. Is that true? Thanks!

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    We had our travel agent put the request for "D" in for us. We knew there was no guarantee, but were thrilled when we got there & saw our room number on the packet & realized we were in D !! The previous 3 times we were at Sans Souci (in '01, '02 & '07), we had said.....someday we'll have to stay in D. So, our "dream" came true !! haha

    The Penthouse suites are in blocks C, D & E & I believe that there are 10 or 11 total PH suites. This is right from the "Accommodations" section for CSS here on this website:

    Penthouse Suites --
    Laid before the sparkling blue ocean, these one bedroom and two bedroom suites live up to their reputations -- posh living rooms, spacious walk-in showers, elegant bedrooms, king size beds and large balconies with majestic views. Located in Block C on 3rd floor, Block D on 2nd and 3rd floors and Block E on the 3rd floors.

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    We don't go through a travel agent so I'll probably just call or email them and request Block D. They are always more than accommodating when possible. Thanks for the info!

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    We recently stayed at CSS and upgraded to to a Penthouse Suite and is was well worth it. We stayed in the D block, the Prime Minister Suite. For a look at CSS, see

    For pictures of the suite go to pages 7 and 9.

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