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    Default Wondering about air travel?

    Good morning! My husband and I are planning our very first trip to Sans Souci next October.. We are so excited!!!
    What airlines fly into MBJ? We are kind of smack dab in the middle of Wa state so I am wondering if I play around with different airlines if I can get us there for less. Who has had the best reliability for on time flights, luggage, etc? Best connecting airport?
    My mind is whilrling and has been for a week now, I can't focus on anything but this trip! We are making it our delayed honeymoon, It will be for our 22 wedding anniversary
    Keith and Francie

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    My recommendation would be to fly to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. It's going to be a long leg, but you should be able to do it nonstop. From there, you have lots of options to get to MBJ. Caribbean Air and American Airlines are good choices.
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    Check out airline sites like or or or etc... They will show you all the airline options for your area. Find the best price and then go the airline's site and see if you can get it for a better price.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Get a travel agent!
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    Try, enter dates, departure, destination, number of stops, etc... What comes back is immediate pricing (from airlines, online consolidators, etc) and a link to their site. IMHO best site to do airfare comparison.

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    My dad always said to stay with a major carrier, less chance of a flight change or worse... a canceled flight. Keep in mind of the baggage fees which are not in the initial price when booking. I like to book early about 5 or 6 months out, the price may be a bit higher, but for peace of mind and knowing we will get to the resort by mid afternoon.
    I would agree with fawridge about connecting in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, but don't discount Charlotte as an option if the other two are unavailable.

    Having said all that... a travel agent knows this, and a lot more.


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    When will you be there Kieth and Francie we are also booked for next Oct 11-18. Will be our third trip to CSS . You will love it. Go to the meet up page and find Oct 14 and you will find other couples that will be there during that time.

    You cant book till 330 days out and some of the airlines now wont let you book till 6months out. I usually book as soon as I can so that I guarantee seats and I have found this to be when I found best deals. I have friends that live in Seatle so I will tell them to check out thread and give you some advise.

    Dave and Sam
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    I like to use this website to check airfare.

    Matrix - ITA Software

    I like the "time bar" display and how you can sort flights by price, arrival time, flight duration, etc.. I also like how you can search multiple airports at once. You can also search for flights for a month at a time to see how rates fluctuate if your travel dates are flexible.

    The prices shown include taxes and fees (except baggage fees). You do not book through this site, but the prices reflect the current rates as you will find on the individual airline websites.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    just back last night. USAirways from Charlotte has always been good for us in both directions

    Delta, not so much.

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    Delta has always got us, and our luggage, happily there on time and on the day we wanted. We come from Michigan and always fly through Atlanta, GA. Luggage makes it, and the scheduled layover is the perfect amount of time, usually about 1.5 hours. Not necessarily the cheapest flights, but Delta's schedule works well for us. And when you book Delta far in advance, there is little change ever made to their schedule. Other airlines have caused problems for us with changing their schedules. Highly recommend Delta.

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    I would try Sea-Tac to O'Hare and then to MBJ. That is what has worked for us in the past. Now live in the Midwest so O'Hare or Midway is our best bet. Good luck. You will love couples.
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    Just check flights daily. One day coach was $950 out of Reno. A few days later first class was $1150 flying through Atlanta to Montego Bay. Pretty crazy when around trip to Atlanta alone and back was nearly $3000 on the same flights.

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