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    Default Couples San Souci First Timers

    Hey everyone! My fiance and I will be visiting Couples San Souci for the first time Oct. 1 - Oct. 10. I'm sure there are other threads on here about this, but I can't find any. Does anyone have any tips, things we should know, etc. related to all-inclusives in general, or Couples/Couples San Souci in particular?

    Some things I'm wondering:
    1) How much cash should we bring with us?
    2) Is there anyone that we should tip that we might not think to? If so, how much should we tip them?
    3) Are there any excursions we should do?
    4) Are there any places off island to go?
    5) Is there anything we should pack that we might think of?
    6) Anything else we should know?

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    1. We bring a couple of hundred dollars mostly in 1s 5s & 10s
    2. Tip the red caps, driver and spa personnel
    3. We scuba and then we're done for the day so can't answer
    4. Why would you want to leave the island?
    5. There is a whole "wish I thought of that thread" to check out
    6. relax and have fun


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    1) We bring around $300. There is an ATM in the internet lounge/game room if you need more.
    2) $1-2 per bag for the airport baggage handlers, $10-20 for the shuttle driver each way. 15%-20% for the spa folks for any treatments you get.
    3) Dunn's river falls, trading places.
    4) I suppose you could try to take a catamaran to Cuba, but I'm thinking it would be frowned upon.
    5) Less clothing than you think you'll need. If you run out, laundry service is available and excellent.
    6) Don't over think your vacation. You will be very well taken care of and don't need to work hard to relax.

    Scott and June

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    1) Depends on what kind of vacationer you are. If you like souvenirs and tours, you should bring at least $300 all in small bills. If you are just going to sit on the beach and enjoy the resort, you can get by with under $100.
    2) Airport baggage guys - $2 per bag; Spa - 15% of service; dunn's river guides - $5 per guide (I think there's at least 2 or 3); shuttle - $15-$20; any other tour guides - 10%- 20% of trip cost
    3)Dunn's River Falls and if you are looking for a non-included tour - try the blue mountain bike trip (you go to the Blue Mountains and then ride a bike's super fun but you are gone from the resort most of the day)
    4) I'm guessing you meant off resort - see my answer to #3; there's isn't really anywhere off island to go to.
    5) Bring an insulated mug with a lid...great for floating out in the ocean with so you don't spill (the bartenders likely won't fill your mug but you can pour from their glass into your mug). It also great if you normally drink coffee in the supersized starbucks cups as the breakfast coffee cups are TINY!
    6) It will feel funny getting up from the table the first night without paying a bill...the first time we went, we just sat there after we finished dessert and looked at each other with a "so we just get up and leave?" look. Finally we did just that!

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    #1 we bring $300-400 but a lot of that is for gifts for our kids
    #2 don't forget the musicians / entertainers
    #3 there are a lot of great excursions, but be wary of how long it will actually take - many of them take all day - dunn's river is great from San souci - takes just a few hours
    #5 extra pair of sunglasses just in case
    #6 trade places to cti
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    Hey we'll be there same time as you guys. We get in on Sunday the 6th. Anyways...wife and I honeymooned there in 2010, went back for our first anniversary and this will be our third trip. I've never had anyone at the resort ask for a tip...or even suggest. The ppl who work for the airport are different. They are quick to grab your bags....take them where you are going...then stick their hand out. We usually give them 10 bucks total...flip the shuttle driver 20 total each way. So id plan on minimum of 60. Anything over and above that is up to you really, depending on what you want to do. If you go to the Dunn River falls (which you should do if you've never been there) give the shuttle driver 10 bucks each way....your tour guide who works for the falls themselves will want a tip..10 or 20 total is good for that. The only other ppl we have tipped in the past have been the masseuses at the spa. We get couples massages, usually the 55 min one...and tip each 20 bucks. If you plan on going on excurisons, always plan on tipping the drivers....if you plan on staying mostly on the resort...hundred would do it. We love the resort...and like just staying at CSS the whole time. I did the golf last year...plan on a hundred bucks for each golfer if you do that. fees are free...but the club rental runs 40, mandatory caddy runs 40, plus caddy tip.

    This time when we go...I think we are gonna stay on the resort the whole time. Part of the benefit of doing all inclusive is not having to shell out money everyday for things. I know ppl say they go to margaritaville and stuff like that....but the way we see it...why go somewhere to pay for drinks when you've already paid for em?

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