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    Default Couples Barbados - hot tub?

    Just want to know if the hot tub is operational yet? I know it was not working late August but is it all ok now?

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    I was there 10 days ago and it was not up and running

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    I would like to know as well!!!!

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    When will this be operational?

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    Come on Randymon - please provide an update here. When is the hot tub likely to be operational and what is the hold up?

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    Please can we have an update on whether the hot tub is working at CB yet????

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    We are here right now.the hot pool is hot but they only have two jets working ,going too repeaters dinner tonite and will try and find out if the other jets r working ,will let You know later.

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    The heater was installed only to find that a circuit board was faulty. We are sourcing it now. Sorry that is the latest and best I can say.

    Couples Resorts

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