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    Default Single Digit Dance! CSA October 4-13

    Anyone else?

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    Oh Suzi...we are so close!!! 10/5 for us.

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    We are doing the dance too! We arrive at CSA the same day as you do. Safe travels.

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    Lucky you, we still have 22 days till we can do the single digit dance. Is good Mon! Soon come.

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    We are right there with you! CSA Oct 6-13. We are so excited!

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    Oct 5th-12th. Dancing to the same tune!

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    We can hardly wait for our 4th trip back home. Oct 7-14

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    See you all there! We'll be a couple of the nuts out on he beach before 7:00 a.m.!

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    5th through 14th - see you there!

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