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    Default How are the renovations going at CSA?

    We will be arriving in 10 days and can't wait! The last time we had reservations at CSA about 3 years ago, a tropical storm was hitting the island and CSA was flooded and we got diverted to CTI. We had a good week in Ocho Rios, but we kept dreaming of CSA where we spent our 10th anniversary. We are hoping for blue skies this year.

    So, can anyone tell me how the bathroom renovations are going in the Gardern Verandah Suites? Are they still working on them? And if so, what rooms are done? I can't wait to check them out and hope one of the rooms is completely done for us to see and possibly stay in next Friday. If anyone can give me any updated information on this topic, I would be grateful.

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    I know someone can answer this question. Please.....

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    We just got back on Saturday. I can't answer w/ any real specificity like % completed, but I can advise that work is being done, and they've got crews out there working every day. I bet they will look great when completed.

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    Thanks Mark&Jackie. We leave in 3 days to go to paradise. Yay!

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    We just got back Saturday and the 3 story, I believe Garden Verandah rooms, were under construction. One couple in our group was very close and on our 1 day of rain they chose to be moved because it was so loud. It will all depend on where they are in the renovations and how close you are to them. If it had not been raining that day we may not have had the issue as we would have been on the beach!

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    We just got home Sunday. We were in building 43 and construction was going on all around us. Very loud all day long. Starting at 9am.

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    Our the Great House rooms going to be renovated as well?

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    We just got back and our room was one of the recently renovated Garden Verandah Suites. We were in building 8, which was complete. Building 9 was completed by the time we left on October 12th. They were also working on the first Ocean Verandah Suite building and the first Beachfront Verandah Suite building. So it seems they are starting from the first section built next to the original property and working their way to the Greathouse.

    I took pictures of the bathroom. I'll try to post some later. It is all small white tiles and there is still a place to sit and shave your legs, set your stuff down, etc. We did get excess water on the main floor, but we had tons of towels....I suggest they get big rugs or mats to put in front of the sink. The floor space is pretty big in those bathrooms and the one small bath mat they provide is just not enough.

    We loved our room and yes, you could hear construction on the resort if you were right by or right in front of the action, but I just thought of it as progress and that it needed to be done. One day at the beach we moved down towards the Palms to get away from the distant noise, but it was no problem mon.

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