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    Default Update on Renos etc at CN

    Randymon - I was wondering if it would be possible to post a schedule and provide us with regular updates on how the Bathroom Updates, Spa renos etc. are doing at CN.

    I am coming home in March and would like to have an idea of how things will be progressing by that time.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes - Please ..... We're going to be there in December & would like to know how things are coming along & what buildings will be open.

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    I'd like to second this request. Will be at CN starting October 19 and wondered about the renovations.

    Also, it the treehouse still available for spat treatments since the spa is moved to building 9? The Mrs. really, really liked the treehouse.


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    Bringing this back to the front - how are the bathroom renovations going? What buildings have been completed, and what buildings are next?


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    The spa is back by the ponds in front of building 3... everything is open and running fine with the spa, all is back to normal. We saw on two separate occasions guests going up to the tree house with spa personnel for their massages, so yes it is in business as well.

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    The Spa is back to it's original location. That was temporary for painting. They were almost complete with building 1 and was beginning to do some work on building 2. Did not see updated bathrooms at CN, saw one at Swept Away, nephews room, and they were having issues with water running everywhere when they took a shower, had to place plenty of towels on the floor. Staff was aware and offered to move them, but they liked the room and told them just to make certain they had plenty of towels. They were in garden room 3101 I believe.

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    A schedule of reno's & updates would be awesome! Going in April and would love to know what to expect then.

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    we will be there in about 2 weeks...we would love an update as well.

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    Any more updates? Does the construction cause any noise or disturbance??

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    Jane, they were working on building 1 and we were in building 5 and heard absolutely nothing. When we walked by the building we could hear some noise at times, but nothing harsh or extreme. I think they quit working on them at night or at least I saw no activity at night. Will say they kept those rooms well guarded.

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