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    My husband and I will make our third trip to CSA next July...Ahh...that feels so good to say! I still have a few questions for our return:
    1) Are all of the bathrooms at CSA being remodeled other than the Great House?
    2) Can I use my resort credits to pay for the sunset cruise?
    3) Is Red Stripe beer now offered in the mini bar?
    4) If my first trip was back in 2010, will I lose that week for the Romance Rewards?

    Thank you so much for your help in answering these! It seems like forever ago that I reveled in the bliss of Jamaica. (I came back last summer pregnant with our first child)

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    Congrats!!! We will be there Saturday so I can take a look for the bathrooms question. We were not able to use the resort credits for the sunset cruise but it was beyond worth paying out of pocket!! I have seen RedStripe is back in the mini fridges, woo hoo!!! Romance Rewards expire after 4 years so depending on your last trip dates you may retain them. 3 days can't come soon enough!!

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    1) read that some gvs bathrooms are being remodeled
    2) no resort credits on private sunset cruise
    3) yes Red Stripe is in minibars
    4) nights expire after 4 years

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    From previous posts, I don't think every single bathroom is being renovated on this go around. Some of the bathrooms in the older section had already been renovated. The number I've seen bandied about is 100 of the rooms will have the bathrooms renovated.

    They do now stock Red Stripe in bottles in the mini-bar.

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    We just got back. Red Stripe is in the minibar. We were originally in the Beachfront Suites without the tv- it had the new bathrooms. We moved to the ones with the tv- still had the old bathroom. They were redoing garden rooms while we were there.

    Not sure which sunset cruise you mean- if it's the one that goes out on the catamaran and stops at the cave to swim, it's included in the stay, so no need to use resort credit.

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