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    Default best balcony at css

    My husband and I will be at CSS in April, and love a private, but big, balcony. On our last trip, we stayed in the beachfront suites, where we thought the balcony was a bit on the small side...only a table with two chairs around it. Any advice on which room to stay in with a bigger balcony...maybe one with a couple loungers and a table??

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    The balcony at CSS is in the Prime ministers suite in block D. It's very large, private and has great views. The suite alone has a large living room and bedroom, 2 TV's and an extra 1/2 bath. It also has an in suite jacuzzi

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    G & F have huge balconies


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    Earlier this year we stayed in Room G15a and we practically lived on the balcony. It is amazingly private and is not overlooked by anyone (unless someone at the corner of D Block wants to use binoculars! And if that is what takes their fancy then they are welcome to gawk!) We carried on our SSB choice of clothing for most evenings right there on our balcony. And why not? That is what makes that room great for us!

    We actually booked a room with balcony, lounge and bedroom but took G15a when we saw how amazing the view is and how private(and large!) the balcony is. In other words we downgraded to take the room. No worries!

    Send me a mail and I'll send pics!

    my address is

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    F & G block is what you want - they have the large balcony with the double lounger in the pictures and they also have really nice ocean views and are mostly private

    D block has a few rooms on the very end with big balconies but they have just a large round table & chairs and they're not very private but they have fantastic wrap around views of the ocean, resort and mountains.

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    The Prime Minister's Suite has a huge. private balcony.
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    D block PH suites are the largest
    but honestly we have liked some of the Ocean Suites in G and F block as well for size and view
    Not nearly as big, but honestly how much room can you use?
    Not sure but I think D, E, F & G are probably mostly all a little bigger than A & B


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    We stayed in G6 and it had an incredible balcony

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    We love A block
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    The Hibiscus Villa has a wonderful porch. We really loved our time in the Villa
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