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    Default How to surprise husband for a milestone birthday (practice/first post)

    using the blog post "how to surprise your sweetheart with a romance getaway" as a template, I am attempting to surprise the husband for his big "fore-oh" milestone birthday at the end of October.

    date: October
    finances: paid
    conclude arrangements: travel agent is aware of the surprise (she had our info from our last trip, so it was a breeze). Destination: Couples Sans Souci
    taking care of details: mostly done- just have to pause the mail, but I can do that closer to the actual departure date (don't let me forget!!)

    plan a special time to reveal the surprise: and this is where the fun begins! It's complicated, so I will attempt to go through the process in steps (with pictures)
    step 1: the day before leaving: set alarm clock to "ocean waves" ring tone.
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    step 2: Ring. Ring. A conch shell with envelope tucked into it will sit on the patio table (husband enjoys a morning ciggie) envelope has message that reads "ring ring"
    step 2a: open the envelope to reveal a luggage tag with two palm trees (note: the original blog post mentions actual souvenirs available to purchase, but I could not find any so I made my own) the message beside the tag reads "the Caribbean is calling you"
    step 2b: soaps shaped like seashells placed in the shower.
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    step 3: packed bags, ready to go. I purchased new clothes and toiletries for him, and packed them in a reusable shopping bag. To make the bag more appealing I added a painting, I did, of our favorite Bond girl- very much in keeping with the Sans Souci theme (of course the pieces won't quite fit together for him yet)
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    step 4: make a wish. This envelope will be presented the night before leaving. The large card inside the envelope has our favorite Bond girl on the cover asking "wish you were here?". Opening the card reveals a write up and pictures of Couples Sans Souci, as well as the general travel info (planes etc)
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    This was my first post so I needed the practice. thank you for your time and patience. wish me luck!

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    After asking my wife to take me back to Couples for my birthday - knowing we couldn't go again (it had only been 4 weeks since we left), she surprised me with two CD's from the Silver Birds Steel drum band - I'm not sure if the Silver Birds make it over to CSS, but if so, it might be something extra to add to the excitement (place it in his car stereo, or in the home stereo)
    CN 6/12
    CN 7/13
    Next Trip ???

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