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    Default So pleasant,....almost

    Itís just so pleasant. Serene, relaxing, tranquil.

    The sun is slowly heading for the western skies. At four in the afternoon, Iíll continue to see the glow as it fades off into itís own sunset.

    But for now, I an sitting out on my deck. The brightness of the huge fireball in the sky, shines down with a glaring light.

    If I were somewhere else, say, oh I donít know, ahhhh, okay Jamaica, I would feel the undeniable warmth of the tropical orb. Sweat would drip down my face and the back of my neck. I would have a cold beverage with which I could put it against my forehead for temporary relief. I would relish every moment.

    But right now, Iíve got my hoodie on, hood up, slippers and socks on and I realize, at 56 degrees, this sucks.

    51 and feeling warmer

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    Only good thing about getting the hoodies out is that our trip is getting closer. Since Autumn is my favorite season, I will take the time to enjoy the beautiful trees that are about to start changing color and the cooler football watching temps. When my boys were in the high school band, they were always thankful for the cooler temps in those wool uniforms. Thanks for slowing me down a bit Crabracer, and I will also look forward the the sweat dripping down my December.

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    Richie we did the same thing on Sunday.........wrapped in blankets but we won't give up yet. Winter lasts so long here in MA that we want summer for every minute we can have it
    Captain Jim
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    But I won't grow up"

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