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    Default How to find arriving flight information?

    I was doing my normal MB stroll this morning and realized in all of our trips I have never looked for the incoming flights durring our arrival time at MoBay. I saw in several posts regarding the immigration lines that people mentioned checking the other incoming flight info and I tried to do so this morning but had no luck on the MoBay site. I could only find current flight info, is it only available within a certain window prior to arrival? We arrive Saturday the 28th (4.5 very long days away!). Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated!!

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    I ususally take a peak at this link:

    Montego Bay Sangster International Airport Arrivals
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    On the flight stats app you can put in airport then arrivals and it will give like the next three days info. We arrive on the 29th and I looked last week for other Sunday arrivals. A lot of times flights stay the same week after week

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    You can play around with FlightStats - Global Flight Tracker, Status Tracking and Airport Information but i don't think you can view in the past....and only see a few days forward is another to try

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    Hi Surfhary20, Try and enter MBJ and then click on Arrivals. You are within a week of your trip, so your flight info should be available. Have a great time!

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    We are right behind you Oct 1st!!!

    When I pull up the mobile site it pulls up a list of todays flights. If you look on the classic site it says view all flights. I've been tracking flights for awhile now it it seems like the same flights fly in at the same time.

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    FlightStats - Global Flight Tracker, Status Tracking and Airport Information is a great site.You can check flights a few days ahead of time.

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    I use a web site called Click on this link Airport Activity and it will take you to all the flights arriving at Montego Bay.

    These times are takeoff & landing times, not the times most airline web sites display (push back & arrival from the gates). If you look at the difference in times, it will show you how long it takes from being pushed back from the gate, until the plane takes off. If you click on your flight number, it will show you a history of that flight.

    This should give you a good idea of how may flights arrive when your flight arrives.

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    Go to MBJ airport and they list arrivals & departures

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    It is impossible to tell what flights will actually be on the ground in MBJ when you arrive or how long the immigration lines will be. Weather, mechanical problems, TSA all affect how and when planes take off and land. Yes, there are known busy times and slow times in any airport, but there are just too many external factors to accurately predict how long it's going to take from when you step off the plane until you saunter onto the beach. Relax. No problem, mon.
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    Great question Surfhary20, I saw the same post and also tried to check the MBJ site and only found current flight info.
    I am am also wondering also how to check the incoming arrivals.

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    Go to the Shangster Montego Bay Airport site. Click on Flights then arrivals. You will see how many planes and what times are arriving each day.

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    Thank you all!!! I was just curious to check it out since I never had before. The immigration lines make no difference to us it was just a curiousity. Should be landing this time in 4 days!!!!!!!! Soon come!!!

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    When I go to any of those sites I only see the flights for that day. I too am wondering how you can find out what planes are arriving on a differant day or in a week. There is no option that I could find to change the day.

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    Hello, needbluewater. I just saw your post about incoming flights. I wonder if you can change the date so you can see say a week out?
    Are you going to be at CN again this December. Haven't seen your name listed.
    Karin and JIm

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    bump up

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