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    Quick question for you all. How much should a cab cost from the Negril airport to CSA?

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    take the shuttle that is provided...its free

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    The resort also offers a shuttle service from the Negril Airport.? Thank you that is good to know.

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    The first time that we flew into Negril we waited for the free shuttle from CSA. It took about 20 minutes to get there. The next time we just took one of the cabs that were waiting at the airport. It was $10 and we were at CSA in 10 minutes.

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    You should be able to catch a route taxi for about $5-$10. The one time we took the air shuttle to the Negril Aerodrome, we called SweptAway and they sent a van over to pick us up. Not sure if that's standard or not, because that was many years ago when they were comping a one-way flight to Negril from MoBay due to hiway construction.

    As you grab a taxi, just be sure its a red-tag cab, that is, a legal, insured cab.

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    Blacksunshine - we are taking TimAir from MoBay to the Negril airport for the first time in 9 days. I am figuring on a $10 cab fare from the Negril airstrip to CSA, plus a few dollars tip.

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    I'm curious, too, as we may splurge on the flight from CSS to CSA in February when we transfer resorts. Anyone know?

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    Free shuttle, just head to the Couples lounge!

    Or you can take a quick 15 min. flight to Negril on Tim Air. The price on that might change but last month it was $210 for the both of us. Great experience and we will most likely do it again.

    Kevin & Angie

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    There is a shuttle provided from the Negril airport as well as the one in Montego Bay?

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    Why would you take a cab when the shuttle is FREE? If you want to pay...take TimAir.

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    I'm not sure if Couples offers a shuttle from the Negril Aerodrome to SweptAway. Back in the day, they did send us a pickup, but I don't know if they do that now (Randymon?).

    For those interested in a shuttle from the Negril Aerodrome to Couples Negril, I'm not sure if its worth the hassle... the airstrip is immediately across the street from the resort.

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    Thanks for the replies folks. We are flying into negril with TimAir at the end of the month. Bob and Judy Please post your experience for us when you return.
    Thank you.
    Trevor & Heather

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    Hey Trevor and Heather - I will put a post after we get to CSA next week. I can only take so much sun, and I usually escape to the computer room for an hour or so in the afternoons (with a nice frosty beverage I might add). I am very curious about our Tim Air experience, too.

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    Trevor and Heather - the cab ride from Negril airport to CSA was $12 (I'm sure we could of negotiated, but I was too tired to deal with it). We gave him $15. I guess we could have called the CSA shuttle, but again didn't want to wait when a cab was right there. It was great being the only ones to check in at the time because no buses had yet arrived from the airport. Checkin went super quick.

    It was a little different flying Tim Air, but everything went well and we are flying them back to MOBAY, too. There are a lot of people to tip, though (baggage handlers, shuttle driver, the pilot).

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