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    Default penthouse suite at css

    My husband and I are returning to CSS for our 30th wedding anniversary, and are thinking about booking the penthouse suite. For any of you who have stayed in the penthouse, can you tell us if the balcony is private? From some of the pictures we have seen, it looks like a mesh screen divides one balcony from another. Also, we are thinking about asking for building D...what are the opinions on the penthouse in that building?

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    We are in D building now, celebrating our 31st anniversary, the suites are great, they are semi private, and yes are separated by a lattice screen and about 30 feet of space, but are a great area to stay in. ( Keep in mind that there are lots of stairs to get to your room!)
    Next time we will request D 21!

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    we stayed in E-10 a few years ago, very private unless your neighbor takes a peep over the 7 foot high brick wall , it had table/chairs and 2 loungers and nice view of the ocean !!!

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    there is a screen between the two suites on each side of the D block
    The PH in the E block have a solid wall between the suites
    I would call all semi-private
    We sit out in our robes in am and at night without feeling uncomfortable at all


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