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    Default Barbados excursions

    We are headed to CB next month. Wondering if anyone can share experiences on the excursions offered by the resort. Looking at the rum and history tour. Also wondering if anyone had the resort hire a driver for them to take them around the island. Want to see the island and we enjoy going off the beaten path. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    We hired a car and drove right around the island. We felt safe and would definitely recommend it. I arranged it through the front desk. Car was delivered and collected.

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    Follow up question: The Oistens Friday's just the shuttle service there and back correct? You have to pay for your food and drinks there and if so about how much is it for a couple?

    Can you drink the water in Barbados like you can in Jamaica?

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    We took a cab and did the rum tour,not the history part. We also did a seguay tour which was great!

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    We did
    -Catamaran Cruise
    -Tour by a hired driver
    -Oistens fish fry
    -Shopping shuttle to Bridgetown

    We loved all of them.

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    Yes it's just the shuttle that's included there and back. It cost us about $50 us per couple for food and drink. You can drink the water in Barbados, just like Jamaica.

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    Thanks all.

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    The rum & history tour was worth it - a great overview of the island. Lunch is included, but be prepared for it not to be until 2pm or so.
    Oistins is lots of fun. If you recieved the Barbados Tourisim Ministry coupons, you can use them at many of the vendors. We had the lobster at Annie's. A bit more expensive ($75 per couple, includes 1 drink each), but totally worth it.

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    Thanks Erin2003. What time did you get back to the resort? ngwh2009 - did you have the resort set you up with a hired driver?

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    The rum & history tour got back to the resort at 4. We went through the tour desk at the resort. That one is pretty popular, so you will be on a small tour bus most likely (we had 12 couples go). Our Oistin's trip was a bit different than most since it was the night of the grand opening party, but I think on regular nights they run a round trip shuttle from 6:30 to 11. If you plan to eat, go earlier or you will wait.

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