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    We still have 130 days till our first trip to CSS and we have been following the message boards every day. I've seen lots of posts about the menus and restaurants, but very little about seafood. My husband loves lobster and I love snow crab especially. Can we look forward to a good seafood dinner at Couples?

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    I've never seen crab but you'll enjoy many types of fish, shrimp and lobster when in season, and if you're going in Dec , I think thats lobster season. The fish is usually really good and last lime at csa I tried the lionfish and scallops, excellent! Snapper is my fav.

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    Hi! You will find lobster night and lots of shrimp and sorts of grilled seafood! I must admit that I have not seen crab legs at the resort! I did see beautiful crab being served off the resort at a local spot called Lobster Dave's. It's not fancy, but the food is delicious. The resort can arrange for a taxy to take you there! Have a great trip!

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    Lobster, yes. Crab, no. One night every restaurant will serve lobster, but I have never seen crab. They do offer lots of seafood options.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yes, lots. There will be a lobster night once a week, and lots of fish and shrimp on the menus. I think there may be crab sometimes, but less often because it comes from cold waters and most the seafood served is fresh and local. Enjoy!

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    I don't think I've ever seen crab legs in Jamaica, but they serve lobster every Wednesday. They also have conch dishes, scallops, and shrimp available. We haven't done the private dinner so I don't know if that has more seafood.

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    I have never seen snow crab at Couples. Lobster is served once a week but they are not Canadian lobsters. They are warm water lobsters and taste completely different.

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    In 8 trips to Couples, I have only seen crab once and that was at the anniversary night Starlite Gala at CSS. And if by seafood, you mean fish as well as shellfish, you are in for a treat. Snapper is served almost at every meal. Shrimp is also frequently served. Not to mention other treats such as lionfish and grouper.

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