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    Hello All! My husband and I are going to Sans Souci in December for the first time and are super excited. I just paid off the rest of the bill today and tried to reserve horseback riding w/ Hooves. The lady I spoke w/ said that was done once you arrive at the resort. I swear I saw somewhere that you can book horseback riding in advance. Anyone have a clue?! I really really really want to go riding!
    Thanks for any and all help!

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    That is correct. You book at the resort. It should be no problem, you generally need 24 hours or less notice, but check on arrival in case it is only offered on certain days. If you book your trip or flights through a 3rd party booking site, you can add such excursions at that time. But Couples books them when you arrive.

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    While we have never been to CSS if it is a resort activity (which I believe it is) the lady was correct. They do not accept prior reservations for any activities or dinners. When you check in at CSS just stop by the concierge and they will get you taken care of! No worries and enjoy your trip!!!

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    Yes, you will book at the resort after you arrive.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I know when we booked and did the love away plan there was the option of booking extra excursions. Maybe thats where you saw that option.

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    Yes, you are correct. I see on my reservation there are options to add and Tour 5 is Horseback Ride D'Waves & swim these Reggae horses. But if you are referring to a specific riding w/ Hooves, that may need to be done at the resort. No worries though....Couples handles all the extra excursions very competently. Have a great time. We are going back to CN for our 8th trip to Jamaica in Feb 2014!!!!!

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    Be sure to bring water shoes. You will ride IN THE OCEAN, and it's not just ankle-deep for the horses. It's shoulder deep and your shoes WILL get wet! It's a blast, but be prepared!

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    Don't worry .... You can schedule your excursions once you arrive. It's actually better to wait so you will have a better idea of when you'd like to go once you see what else is going on at the resort on certain days.

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