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    Default CSA Trip #3 Bad Start, Great Week

    Let me begin by saying our trip didnít start out very well at all! I planned on having a surprise dinner for my husband at Ivanís. So I saved and hid some cash for weeks before we went to Negril. I put aside $150 so I could pay for the whole dinner and taxi. Long story short...I hid it in a purse in my suitcase that we checked. MY mistake!

    Fast forward...We traveled July 31-August 7th. Arrived at CSA at about 5PM due to a 2 hour delay in Orlando with Air Tran. Checked in with our sparkling wine and cold cloth...YES!!! To our wonderful surprise we were given the same room we had last year...BFVS, first floor. Perfect! We asked for a key for the Verandah door which really came in handy. Bellman took us to our room and we started to unpack to get our suits on and hit the beach. My husband opened the bag and said...ĒSomeone has been in this bag.Ē My costume jewelry was tossed all over as well as his shaving kit. Then he saw my envelope with Ivanís written on it and asked what it was. To my shock and disbelief the envelope was $150 gone. Through my tears I told him I had a surprise planned for him but now it was over. Inside the case was an official card from TSA stating that our bag had been inspected. Seriously? This was the first and last time I ever put anything of value in a checked bag. Lesson learned the hard way...

    Now on to CSA!!!
    Beach was lovely as ever. We walked every day down to the other hotels and enjoyed it each time. Never got tired of our walks along the beach. Lots more chairs this time which was rather distracting...looked like a cruise ship with 4 rows all lined up. If you were lucky enough to get a palapa you had row after row of chairs directly in front of you. Just sayin...

    Feathers- Had dinner there twice. Each time the service and food was wonderful. Loved the Coconut Shrimp. Try it!
    Lemongrass- Canít beat the ambiance. Sitting on the patio with the torches is heaven. Service was very good here, as well. My Pad Thai was a bit on the dry side so the server brought me some spicy chili sauce which helped.
    Patois- Dinner was good, not great. But breakfast was yummy with the signature Stuffed French Toast.
    The Palms- Breakfast Buffet with Mimosas was very good. Taylor makes a killer Omelet. Lunch and Dinner not our favorite at all!
    Seagrapes- Tried to have lunch here but after waiting 10 minutes for someone to come over we left.
    The Grill- Always good! Jerk chicken delish and love the Patties!

    Entertainment- We would see the Silverbirds every night if we could. Donít miss their show on Wednesday night. We really didnít venture out many nights. Loved sitting on our Verandah at night having cocktails and listening to the frogs. Okay...weíre old.

    Activities- Had lots of fun with Tomeka and Andre doing Tie Dye. Lots of laughs with them. Also did the Basket Weaving and ruined my manicure. But I did end up with a cute little basket.
    Repeaters Dinner- They served a great Surf and Turf dinner that night. We also had the pleasure of sitting with Shelly Ann Simpson, Customer Relations Manager. She mentioned the room renovations that were planned. From what Iíve been reading they are indeed underway...yipppeee!

    Most days were spent just relaxing on the beach. It doesnít get any better. Saw a number of rays this time. Pretty cool. Nothing too scary.

    We did get to go to Ivanís for dinner after all. They sent a taxi to pick us up at 5:30 in the lobby. took about 15 minutes to get there. Wow!! What a perfect night. Our table was the best...and the food delicious. I had the Jerk Chicken Pasta. Watching the sunset up on the cliffs during dinner will always be a special memory. Highly recommend doing this at least once with the one you love.

    Bumps in the road:
    -Hubby went to the Bamboo Bar at noon on Thursday to get an Appleton VX and coke and was told ĒNo VX..all out.Ē Really???
    -Did Pre-Check In but our mini bar request was not delivered
    -Verandah door knob was literally falling off which made it difficult to lock
    -Bathroom lighting is non-existent

    Shout Outs- Canít remember all the wonderful staff but hereís a few:
    Taylor, the omelet king
    Ruel at the Martini Bar...always a hoot!
    Navina at the Sunset Bar...great fun
    Sanieke, trainee at Patois...sheís a keeper!

    This was our 3rd trip to CSA and we donít usually travel in August. Jamaica was celebrating Emancipation Day on August 2nd and Independence Day on August 6th. Needless to say the beach and streets were soooo crowded. Unfortunately every night there was music booming with loud bass thumping until 4AM!!!! Not the restful, romantic evenings we were used to... That being said we wonít travel that week again.

    We did have another great time at CSA and are booked next year to renew our vows for our 25th Anniversary. Really looking forward to that. We love the staff, the food, the beach and the sunsets. Is it perfect? No... but itís perfect for us.

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    I'm sure you're going to hear this from everyone who replies, but the first rule of checked luggage is never, ever, ever put anything in checked bags you're not willing to donate to someone less honest than yourself.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, all in all!
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    We were there the same week as you. So sorry to hear about the money being stolen. I would have been so angry and pretty much nothing you can do about it. I really HATE thieves. Glad you made the best of it though and didn't let it ruin your trip. CSA and their staff are the BEST. This was our third trip as well and are starting to venture off resort too. Went down to Cosmos for lunch this trip and took the One Love Bar Crawl last year. Maybe next year we will make it to Ivans or The Rockhouse for dinner. Keep reading how good they are.

    Glad you had a good trip. Think everyone in the resort was up until 4am the night the music was playing. Thanks for the review. Enjoyed reading. We're already booked for next year. Doing a split stay between CSA/CSS.

    CSA Aug. 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, Oct. 2015
    CSS Aug. 2011, Aug. 2014

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    Great, honest review!!! We are heading back for our 6th trip to CSA on the 28th and happy to hear an honest review from a repeater!! Your closing sentence said it best, "Is it perfect? No... but it's perfect for us." I think this perfectly captures the sentiments of most of the repeaters when they come across the review of an unhappy person... If you expect an extravagant marble entry way or bathrooms and for everything to be exactly how you want it, this is not the resort for you. But for those of us that can look past the minor bumps in the road and appreciate the bungalow feel of this beach resort it is nothing short of magnificent!!

    P.S. - I am SOOOOO sorry to hear about your romantic evening being ruined by the theft of your hard earned and saved money... That is a terrible way to start off your trip, just happy to hear you were able to get past that feeling of being violated and enjoy your vacation.

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    And they wonder why people get fed up with TSA, of course it could have happened other places along the way, but!!!! We were at Swept Away in October last year and one night we could hear the bass thumping from one of the resorts along the strip, and it was loud. We had just come from the Piano bar and lounge and we knew it was not there. Forget how long it lasted but it was a long time. 46 days and a bag drag till we experience it all again. Soon Come Mon!

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    TSA - causing more crimes than preventing since 2001.

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    We had something similar. Janet put her jewelry in her checked bag. When we got home the bag was open and a costume silver necklace was missing. Also some of her lotion, conditioner or something was open and had spilled out. Luckily it was in a ziplock baggy that was unzipped but did contain it. We did NOT have a TSA card in the bag so who knows who got in the bag.

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    The bass thumping at night from a neighboring resort. The cars and motorcycles going by beep, beep, beep. Hearing it's HOT HOT HOT from some obnoxious guy on a blow horn. Mon, thatís the Jamaica that we all love.

    Life is good

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