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    We started this countdown at 541 days, and as of today, we have finally hit the SDD (single digit dance). It has been a long haul for us, as life with work and 5 kids certainly keeps us busy. Starting September 28th will be our time. A time to renew, a time to relax, a time to get away from it all, to vacate our lives in the paradise known as CSS. Cannot wait to hear "welcome home" and as we step out on the terrace above the balloon bar and take in the Jamaican air, and realize that the next 7 days are ours, and ours alone. Time to break out the luggage and start packing.

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    Yea! We hit the sdd on Sunday. Cant wait! Have a great trip!!

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    Have a great time! We had a long countdown too, like yours, we just have never been to a Couples before! We are so excited to become part of the Couples family! We are under a month. And I think when I get to the single digit dance everyone will hear me holler! Have a wonderful, relaxing time! Enjoy yourselves.

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    novastar! Just wanted to say I've appreciated your posts about the reno's at SSB! You truly value and know what's important about a vacation.....time away from everyday life with the one you love! I hope you have a marvelous trip!

    Brenda! I know when your trip comes around, I will feel your excitement and happiness here in FL!!

    Blessings to you both and happy travels!

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    I got you bet, I've been packed since July and we don't arrive until Oct. 4. I can't concentrate at work, and I check the boards 10 times a day for updates.

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    I remember, 12 years ago, experiencing the sdd. Now, we still get that same feeling, each year, as we prepare for the trip. Couples still gives us that feeling!! Have a magical time!

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    It's too bad we will only have a day with you and "R". I know without the hubby, us men are going to have to step it up a notch with the battle of the sexes trivia games to Gotta go study now.

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    Thanks Suzy,

    We arrive Saturday and will certainly post any updates of what we see. jdd914 has been awesome with posting pics all week of the progress. Has certainly given many of us a break from stressing out as the pool reno seems to be coming along nicely.
    I will post on here as well as the Couple Jamaica page on facebook. Not everyone follows both ( like us

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    You need to fess up on my thread "couples support group". You are definitely a Couples addict!!!

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