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    Default NFL Football Games

    We will be going to CN during the week of October 5th. We would like to watch the Thursday night NFL football game. Does anyone know if we will be able to watch it there? How about college football on Saturday?

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    Thursday night games are on the NFL channel. I don't remember the resort having that channel so you might be out of luck on Thursday. Saturday games will be shown on the standard ones that they are shown on in the States (ABC, CBS, NBC). I think I remember they have ESPN. All feeds are from the East Coast so what would normally be shown for that region will be what is on down there.
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    We stayed at CSA the first week of Sept. we had a full array of channels, I watched college games both saturdays. We left the day of NFL opener, but I could have watched those as well.

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    Cable TV is just like home. You will be able to see the games! We are going for SuperBowl in Feb 2014! Can't wait!

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    I was in Negril last year for Bedlam (OU vs OSU) and I live in Oklahoma so it was a must for us! Our hotel didn't have it at the time, but we went to Rick's Cafe and they had it broadcasting. That's always an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    Cable TV is just like home. You will be able to see the games! We are going for SuperBowl in Feb 2014! Can't wait!
    Well, maybe not just like home . . . unless you live in the Miami area. The resorts air "local" programming from the Miami area, so if you're watching ABC, CBS, NCB, or FOX, you'll get the programming that would air there. Obviously the Sunday night and Monday night football games are the same nationally, but the Sunday afternoon games would be different. You might see the Dolphins, Jaguars, and/or Bucs games, but don't count on seeing the Jets or Giants play.

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    I do not believe they have the nfl network, the network channels come from the US so most of those games are available. ESPN was not the US version, they showed a lot of soccer.

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    Default We headed down to Buffett

    We watched Pats play one year down at Buffett world just got there early at the bar to request the game be on

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    They have ESPN but not the football network. So it depends on what channel the games you want to watch are on.

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    Follow this link to see NFL games in every market. The maps are updated early part of every week once they know who is going to show what games. You can see the Miami market to get an idea if your team will be shown in Jamaica.

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    Just to update this, the game was on in the Game Room at CN.

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    Anyone know if they broadcast the UEFA Champions League there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iheartbeaches View Post
    Anyone know if they broadcast the UEFA Champions League there?
    It's possible, the in room tv has several European channels

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    ESPN is not the American Version so probably no american football for the MNF game but they do have network channels usually from South Florida so you will see their programming.

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    This would be my last trip to Couples (at least with the current wife), if I went out of my way to watch sports while we are down there. She most certainly would divorce me, and to make matters worse, would stick me with the kids.

    I will check the scores, and maybe see a couple downs of football, peripherally, but won't go out of my way to watch any.

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