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    Hi, does anyone know how you go about sending someone a cake to their room at Swept Away? Also what is the approximate cost? Thanks for answering.

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    I would either call 1-800-COUPLES and ask to be connected to the Romance Concierge.


    Go to the Couples website. At the bottom of any page there is a "Contact Us" link. From there you will see another link that will allow you to send an email to the Romance Concierge.
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    Contact Guest Services......We had a birthday cake made for someone 2 years ago the cost was around $30

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    Sounds like for a birthday or anniversary? While I have never seen or heard of it I think it is a nice idea!! I would email Couples customer service and see if they could make it happen for you!

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    Thanks for everyone's help. Surfhary20, yes it is for a 40th wedding anniversary. Hope it can be done.

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