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    Default Scuba diving with Nitrox

    I'm looking into getting certified to use Nitrox but I'm not sure the expense would be worth it if my resort of choice does not offer that as an option for use during the dive. Therefore, does anyone know if Nitrox is available at Couples Resorts (Couples Negril, specifically)?

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    No Nitrox at CN in July when I was there, or if there was I didn't see it and no one used it on the 6 dives I did that week.

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    They have Nitrox at CN now, but you have to ask about it. Our friends were there in May and said they have all the gear. Just ask Richard or Sugar when you get there.
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    I think it is available at CSA.

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    That is the email address for the dive shop. Karl should get back to you very quickly. I had a question about the Saturday two tank dive and he got back to me the next day.

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