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    Default Worried about rain

    Hi! I am so excited about my first trip to Jamica. My husband has been many times, but I planned this trip to CSA for early May, 2014. I want everything to be perfect, but now I am worried that it is going to rain everyday! Do the showers really last just a short time?

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    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE WEATHER ..... In 12 trips (& another coming up SOON) we've never had it rain more than a couple of hours in the afternoon while in Negril. Sometimes, it's just sprinkles that pass in few minutes & sometimes it's no rain at all. We've also seen it pouring on the beach at the resort next door but sunny on the beach where we were & vice versa. We've been to Negril in May several times & a couple of the trips, it never rained at all for the entire week. Once, it would rain at night while we were in bed but be bright & sunny all day. Other than that, it's always just been the afternoon shower or sprinkles that can move in after lunch & they really do not stop the fun so they're nothing to worry about. Out of all the trips, the only time we've had weather put a damper on it was the 1 time we stayed in Ocho Rios at CSS instead of Negril (in May) & it rained pretty much all day & evening every single day .... & one day it was a monsoon ...... We were hearing that it was sunny in Negril that whole week so that made it even worse. The weather will probably be great & there is no reason to worry about it because you can't control it ..... We've been at different times during the year, & it's always pretty much the same weather other than less humidity in December so May is a great time to go. ENJOY looking forward to it.

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    There are things you can control and things you can't, the weather is something you can't control. Don't worry, the forecasts are usually wrong anyways.

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    In May you shouldn't see as much rain. Hurricane season is June through November. We go in mid-April and there's a lot less rain than when we go in October. That said, this past April was very rainy. Hey! It's the tropics! If it does rain, it won't last long.

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    No worries, if you look around on these boards you will see hundreds of reviews that say it rains mid-afternoon for a short while (maybe an hour or so) and clears up for sunsets. We have been to CSA 6 times, 7th in 9 days, and while we have had a day of rain every other trip or so, we have never been disappointed, and we go in the fall every year (hurricane season). There is something about rain in paradise that makes us not care... I will walk all over the resort and down the beach in the rain, no worries!

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    Why worry about something you can't change?

    It is possible you will get a lot of rain but more than likely it will just be passing showers. You will still be on vacation with your loved one at a great resort. We have been going to Jamaica for 11 years and have only had one trip where we had rain all day almost every day. The sun did finally come out with 2 days left - we made the best of it. DH still went diving and I just sat under a hut on the beach in the rain. Still beat being home!


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    We have been to Couples many times. We are sun lovers. A few trips were very rainy and I have to say we still had a fabulous time. Would we have liked it to be all sunny? Of course but we met an awesome group of people sitting at the bar as it was raining. The resort is so open air that even if it's raining, you can still be outside. The resort comes up with fun ways to entertain you if it rains - a rum tasting or a Jamaican food tasting. No worries mon. It is all good.

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    worry if it doesn't rain a bit

    rain = green = beauty = an awesome chance to sit in a fabulous place in great company (and see a biblical downpour if you're lucky)

    Try swiming in the rain - incredible

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    The liquid sunshine you can't control. Like others have said you may get rain you may not, and it is usually of the short variety. The few times it has rained on us, we did not even get out of our beach chairs, just sat there and enjoyed it for the 15 minutes or so it lasted. Of course we did have to protect our electronics from the rain, but that was not an issue. Once in 8 trips I think it rained hard enough we strolled back to the room, sat on the balcony and just thoroughly enjoyed each others company and the sounds of rain falling in the lush gardens. Is good mon and you will have a great time and as someone alluded to, even paradise must have some rain for it grow.

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    I agree with others don't worry about the rain! It only rains for a short while and the sun will be out. You will soon learn why "No worries Mon" is one of the more common Jamaica phrases :-)

    We will be at CSA in May 2014 also.

    Come join the May 2014 discussion in the Meet Up section of the board:

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    Thanks for the reassuring words. I live in the midwest and don't get to see the ocean very often, so I will be floating rain or shine!

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    The first time we went on CN was in middle of hurricane season. 2 of 4 days it rained and was windy. We couldn't go in the ocean. The hot tubs were open and so were the bars. And of course there things to do indoors. It was probably one of the best vacations we ever had. The staff is great. Your vacation is what you make of it. Enjoy.

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    I am glad someone asked this question. The last time I was in Negril, it rained for only short intervals. The only real affect it had was us going on the glass bottom boat. I just checked the weather forecast for our upcoming vacation next week and became concerned when I saw scattered thunderstorms. I am crossing my fingers it will be like last time. Although there is plenty to do at CN, I do love the sun and want to be able to enjoy it.

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    A couple of the best quotes from Couples staff:

    “That’s not rain mon. It’s just a little moisture”

    “You got to leave to come back”

    Life is good

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    I don't think I've ever seen the Negril weather forecast NOT showing a chance of rain/thunderstorms every day no matter what time of year it is .....

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