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    Default I don't like it.

    I'm sorry but I really don't like the new board.
    I know you worked hard on it Randy but....well it's just not user-friendly. I find the print too small to see and when going into a thread I can only see the original post. It says that there are 3 replies to it but I can't see them.

    Really not happy with the change and I'm just not as eager to come to the board as I used to be.

    Sorry, but that is how I feel.


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    Hey Brenda,

    I am sorry you are having difficulty. I am working with tech to see if we can figure it out for you. Once we get all the kinks out you will see that this message board is much more user friendly than the old one. Hopefully we can resolve your issues today. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Once we get all the kinks out you will see that this message board is much more user friendly than the old one.
    Agreed. VBulletin is the "standard" MB format. The last one drove me bonkers and I work in IT and moderate a bunch of boards.

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    Brenda, if you could please post a detailed description of the issues you are having. Thanks
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    Ditto Brenda

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    Default Agree

    I am also having a lot of difficulties "adjusting" to this new board. One of my issues is this: with the responses to initial threads - how in the HECK can you tell what is what? I mean geesh - I have to stare at them forever and go back to the top and work my way down to see WHO posted WHAT. Can there not be some simple lines or something separating the posts? Now I know change happens, and yes I know sometimes it ends up being good - but man is there a whole lot of changing going on around here when nothing seemed broke to begin with. Sighhh.......... still love Couples, still stoked about 2010, still love reading the board - once I figure out how. Have a great day ya'll!

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    I agree with all above. WAY TO BUSY. Not so eager to visit this board.

    Guess it will just take some getting use to....

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    crabracers Guest


    Richard & Brenda and all the others that are having a tough time either logging on or any other problem. I do understand your angst. Change is one of the things that a lot of people have difficulty with. There are a couple of things on the board that I hope will change. The size of the font. and a better definition between each post. I'm sure that the powers that be, and they know know who they are, will hear our voices and perhaps they can make some changes. Don't jump off the boat yet. Find some sand and make a sculpture. Good for the head.

    Hang iln there guys.


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    A few of us have asked that every other posting be separated by a heavy line and alternating colors, such as Couples Blue, Pristine White, Couples Blue, Pristine White, etc.

    Also, hold down your CONTROL key turn your mouse wheel. The text WILL get larger or smaller.

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    Can you make it so it looks more like the vBulletin support board?
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    I'm with you guys. I liked the simpleness of the old board. It was a calming place to spend time in the middle of this chaotic, visually cluttered world

    But that was then and this is now. In a few weeks/months we probably won't even remember the switch

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    Default New MB should have been Alpha and Beta tested

    You should have done more extensive alpha and beta testing the new MB before launching it. As others have stated I too are not happy using this new MB.
    If it does not become more user friendly it is adios my amigos!

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    I think if the newest reply were at the top instead of at the bottom it would be much easier to follow.
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    Trust me guys...Scoop....the more you are on here, the more you'll get used to the layout and being able to distunguish between posts. It will get better! Just stick with it.
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    Default odd feeling about this MB

    Maybe it's just that I'm a computer dummy, but does anyone else get the weird feeling that this MB format is somehow less friendly? It's not that the people posting are less friendly, but the format of the site and messages seem to have lost some of the warmth they had before. I can't really put my finger on what's making me feel that way, maybe that since the format is just like lots of other MBs it's lost the feeling that it was just for Couples.

    Maybe I'm just being sentimental, I don't know. Does anyone else feel this way?

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    I'm slowly getting the hang of the new place, it's sort like exploring a brand new resort. I know my friends and favorite places are around here someplace, and if I just keep poking around I'm sure to find my way.

    Like a new bartender, the board finally seems to be remembering who I am, now all I have to do is teach it to make me a hummingbird.

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    I am really having a very difficult time adjusting.
    I don't tend to like anything with too many bells and whistles. For me the simpler the better. Too many options and I get overwhelmed.
    I am finding myself not spending as much time on the board as before. There is just too much going on and the colors make it difficult to see. And all the different colors and fonts and font sizes in the posts just give me headache.
    I'll still love Couples but I am not really sure I'm going to be hanging out here like Iused to. Way too frustrating.

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    I'm not an internet rookie, but I agree with everyone. This message board is not user friendly, and is way too cluttered for my taste! I know that the people who deal with this everyday think nothing of it, but it is way less appealing than the old board. I'll also be saying adios to the board if some things don't change. Sorry, but it's the way I feel about it, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't like change!

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    Ok - I have been reading your posts, I am sorry, but I like the new MB. I find it easier to use than the last. It does at times take a while to get use to something new, and in a while, this will be old school for everyone.

    HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4TH. Looks like the weather may cooperate in MD for the long weekend.
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    i don't mind the new board too much, and i am quite resistant to change!
    just hoping that at least one of the columns on either side disapppears with time, so that the area is a little less busy.

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    OK, maybe I am just old but I do hate change also. When it comes to computers, I don't do so well, but I manage to muddle through somehow.I have no computer education, so it can be difficult at times,I drive a truck for a living!
    I LOVE COUPLES and this mb so I will figure this out{somewhat} eventually enough to enjoy this.Thank you Randy and staff for trying to improve things.I hope it gets easier for everybody.
    Sportygal-formerly smoothie19

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    I cannot figure out the colors

    how do you do it?

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    I'm also not a huge fan of this board.

    I wish it had more sub-forums to be more organized. This new board kind of solved the problem. For example, there is now dedicated sections for the Meet up at Couples thread where before you had to find it mixed in with the other posts.

    I would like to see that concept taken a bit further. For example, have sub-forums dedicated to each of the resorts. That way, if you clicked on the Couples Swept Away forum then all the posts in that section will be relevant to CSA. Once people make the difficult choice of choosing which resort to go to, it would be nice to have all the information on that resort in one place.

    As a suggestion, you could have the following sub-forums:

    Ask Randy - post your questions for Couples Chief Romance Officer
    Couples Swept Away - all information relevant to CSA
    Couples Negril - all information relevant to CN
    Couples Tower Isle - all information relevant to CTI
    Couples Sans Succi - all information relevant to CSS
    Meet up at Couples (CSA, CN, CTI, and CSS) - meet up with other couples
    Photo Contest - submit your photos for the Couples photo contest
    Au Natural - for those who... you know

    I'm sure you could think of a few more.

    I think this would make the board much more easy to navigate and would be much more user friendly.

    This board, is a good example of what I'm talking about. They break it up into sections so you can quickly find the information you want.

    Just my $.02. I think Couples is one of the only resorts that has this message board and I'm sure its been great for business. Why not make it more organized so people aren't turned off so quickly when all the information is thrown into one "mega" thread?
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Getting used to this new format will come more quickly than you realize. It's actually very similiar to most MB's out there. My guess is it's also more secure. Hang in there folks!

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    It's not getting better.
    I've been here not 10 minutes and have read only this thread.
    My eyes feel like they're bleeding.

    It's too busy, gotta change.

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