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    Default CN buildings and room options

    Does anyone know which buildings at CN have each of the different room options? For example, building 6, I think, is all deluxe beachfront and beachfront suites. What buildings would have gardenview suites and what buildings would have beachfront suites? We have been to CN 3 times and have stayed in building 6 once with a deluxe beachfront and once with a beachfront suite. Last August we had building 8 and it was deluxe oceanview. We arrive August 22nd and I've been told that building 6 is under light construction (bummer). Just curious if anyone has any info or feedback.

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    I had asked about construction at building 6, and am waiting for someone going soon to come back and say whether or not it is finished. No one seems to know for sure yet.

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    We have just returned from CN a few weeks ago and Bldg. 6 was still under construction. We have stayed there before and loved it but they put us in Bldg.5 the next time(Deluxe Beachfront) on the other side and we loved it even more!!! I am now letting them give me a room. Our third time we went and decided to pick gardenview room and got Bldg.1 which was the best yet!!! Really there is not a bad room in the place!

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