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    No way would I ever read this sandwiched in the original page. You HAVE to have it as a stand-alone link or you will go nuts! LOL

    My only complaint is that once I've read all the threads I want, I go up and click Mark this forum read, but it doesn't.
    Even after refreshing, it still shows all of the ones I skipped as unread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimpat1 View Post
    Has everybody tried right clicking on header at the top of the page that looks like what I've pasted below? Right click and open in new tab or window.

    It gets rid of the 2 sidebars of info about the new and old message boards and is much less busy. Try it you might like it.

    Couples Resorts Message Board
    Great tip, that helps a lot!

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    There's that cocky black duck!!!

    :runs around office in a tizzy:

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    Maybe this will help. This information is taken from parts of another thread. This link does not contain the side borders and will keep you logged in...

    1. Try using this link instead:

    2. After the new window comes up that displays the message board without the sidebars, close the original browser window that you used to click on the link (ie the one with the side bars).

    3.Use the log in feature found in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. Be sure to click on the remember me check box.

    4. Once you are logged in, add the page to your favorites,

    5.Use that Favorites entry whenever you want to access the Couples message boards.

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    jimpat1 -- you are my new hero. This makes it much easier to read!!!!

    UNLVMike: I "trained" for this board on scubaboard forums too!


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    OMG!! I haven't had any problems since I "fixed" my computer last week. But I wanted to read this thread to see if I could pick up any more helpful hints and I did! LOVE the message board without the side bars!! SO much easier to read!! Thanks Jimpat!!

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    I agree with TommyWommy. This new format is not as easy to read. I hate having to enlarge my screen. As you can tell I barely post here anymore.
    Oh well it's progress.

    Originally Posted by Tommywommy View Post
    After many days of looking ALL over the new message board,I simply do not like it...I understand some liking it better but it's not very user friendly to this very old man.

    I still LOVE Couples and will keep reading the new MB but not as often as the old one.

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    I love the new board

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    Default This should be a sticky...required reading!

    Quote Originally Posted by jimpat1 View Post
    has everybody tried right clicking on header at the top of the page that looks like what i've pasted below? Right click and open in new tab or window.

    it gets rid of the 2 sidebars of info about the new and old message boards and is much less busy. Try it you might like it.

    couples resorts message board
    so much better!

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    I really don't like this new format either. It's not easy on the eyes and I really don't want to spend much time here like I used to. The tip on getting rid of the sidebars was great. I really don't like have to scroll down to the bottom to read the newest posts to a thread. The old one wasn't broken...why did you guys fix it?

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    I don't recall the old MB being so heavily moderated. If you post a reply at night it doesn't get approved till the next day. And I guess they didn't like my thread about people saving palapas for 2-3 hours at CSA because I don't see it, and the thread where the guy was asking what happened to it was removed too, correct me if I'm wrong. So, I guess it's just here for inane questions and not to tell people your actual experiences at Couples.

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    YES.....thanks! Reoving the side-bars helps!

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    I don't know... I wasn't crazy about the new format either, but with a little exploration and investigating... Hey it is what it is...

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    Seandymon- Let all your message board members know how to get rid of the side board activity. It makes it so much easier to read. I love the message board again!

    THANK YOU jimpat1. !!!!!! I have been trying to figure out a way to do that for so long. Thank you Thank you!!!

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    Another BIG thanks from me too !! I have just been too busy to play around w/ the new board. Those sidebars & toppers were driving me CRAZY, taking up way too much viewing room. Thanks again !!!!!


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    I too felt the MB was way too busy and it was driving me nuts that I had to move the bar in order to read everything because those sidebars were in the way---Now that I've heeded the advice of those more technically advanced, it's a much better fit. thanks

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    Don't forget to post the Tech issues in the Help forum.

    Several of us are always ready and willing to help you get your Couples fix, no matter what may seem to loom in the way.

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    Here is my problem with this new board. It feels corporate and impersonal. It might as well be an S board. The Couples feel is gone. The intimate quality of posts has declined and I miss the old dogs like TommyWommy and Crabracers who added such a great personal touch.

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    Can't help you there.

    Richie is here almost daily...Tommy lurks.

    Standardization in software makes support and troubleshooting easy-peasy for the folks that keep our virtual home alive. The last format was a dinosaur and quite complex in the grand scheme of things.

    Of course, I have some bias...I work with many boards that use this software.

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    JumpinJen - I agree with you. This message board feels cold and impersonal. I am trying to warm up to it but it is hard. Before, people would write longer more intimate thoughts and I liked that. Maybe with time this board will get better. I'm pulling for it!

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