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    Default Looking for Ruel (spelling)

    In 2010, our last trip to CSA, Ruel was working the grill at night (late night)! He was so good to us. We left him with 80lbs of school supplies, toothpaste, brushes, toys. I have read here that he is now at the martini bar. Can anyone confirm this is the same wonderful man??????? For I know he has a young son and I so would like to bring him some more GOOD STUFF for his family.

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    When we were there about 6 weeks ago there was a "Ruel" at the martini bar. He was a hoot and we enjoyed his company while sipping his martinis. Hope it's the one you're looking for!

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    Yes, as of mid July, Ruel was working the martini bar at CSA when we were there. Nice guy!

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    That is great! Looking forward to this trip...we sat on that suitcase waiting for I dont know what and on our last night there....Ruel shows us a picture of his kid...ding ding was like it was meant to be!!! The hug he gave and the hapiness in his eyes will never be replaced.

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    We were at CSA 9-23/10-7. Most of our trip Ruel was at the Bamboo Bar and toward the end of the trip he was working the night shift at the Palms Bar. What a great guy, he remembered us from our last trip 2 years ago. Also one of the best bartenders!!

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    yes..he is here...very nice man....just gave us a drink at the Palms bar....9/24/2013

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    Oh no....while visiting with the couples we traveled with, they brought it to my attention that the wonderful man's name was not Ruel??? They think it was Roan ...or Ruan...Can anyone advise on this?

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    On our trip in March 2012, Ruel became one of our FAVORITES at the swim-up bar. We told him that we would see him the next time we came! This year in May, we searched and searched for Ruel. We asked everyone we could to find him. They just kept saying "He's around". We spent 7 days at CSA, went to every bar and restaurant and no Ruel. I sure hope you find him!

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