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    We will be at Swept Away in November and plan on doing trading places with Negril. Looking for Negril regulars to suggest how we should spend our limited time there? Any particular restraunt we should be sure to try? We want to make the most of our I time and get a real feel for the resort.

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    Hang around the pool bar and swim in the waterfall and have the drink special of the day.
    Meet some new people. Eat at Cassava Terrace or Helliconia grill. Jump into a pool volleyball game or water aerobics.
    Oh I want to be there right now !

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    Definitely walk the grounds over by the spa side. (Although it might be under construction right now). The resort is a lot smaller than CSA so you'll definitely get a good feel for it in one day. Spend some time at the pool/swim up bar (like it better than CSA in my opinion). Lay at the beach, I LOVE CSA's beach but I feel like the beach at CN has a different vibe, in a good way. We ate at the grill everyday for lunch so can't be of much help on the food end. (Not as many options for lunch as CSA).

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    If you get there when they're doing the orientation...jump in. We did and it was well worth the time as our questions about CN and room categories were answered while we walked the property and got the feel of it. We even ended up staying there on our next trip!! Lay out on the beach...maybe even giving the AN side a try (after all...nobody's going to see you there and then back at CSA). Try lunch at the Cassava Terrace just to test out their buffet. Jump into a beach or pool volleyball game, if that's something you like. Walk out into the ocean and see the difference in the water. Float around in the ocean and relax. Can't wait to get back there in May!!!

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    take an hour or so to walk down to the Office of Nature and have Itol grill you a lobster.

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    CN is smaller than CSA. The layout is managable for the Trading Places.

    You can take some time to walk along the beach. A stop at Office of Nature for a grilled lobster and beer is always possible if you feel adventurous.

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