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    Default Wifi signal at CCS

    We will be heading to CCS this Sunday and was wondering if anyone could share with us where the wifi has the strongest signal. We will be missing our sons big football game that following Friday night and plan to listen to the game on my iPad. We are hoping to be able to have strong enough signal somewhere near one of the hammocks to relax with a few cocktails and enjoy the game as well as each other. Can anyone help us find a great spot?

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    We stayed in block F and our room had a very good signal, as I doubt people wander around the resort checking the signal strength every where (although some might!) what I suggest is you ask at reception when you arrive where their routers or repeaters are situated in resort then you will know where the strongest signals are.

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    I have never had a problem with wi-fi as long as I wasn't in the room. Have stayed in G block and D block. There are 2 wi-fi units there so you can use the better of the two.
    If you can FaceTime with your kids, just shut off cell data and when on wi-fi you can FaceTime for free.

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    We stayed in the Beachfront Suites. I found the Wifi signal strongest down by the beach and pool bar and the lobby, of course. It wasn't very good in our room even out on the balcony. Not sure what room category you got. Might be better in other rooms. I'm sure someone else will chime in.
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    I have no idea as I don't know where CCS is.

    But seriously, we noticed the wifi signal to be great down by A & B blocks, the beach, beach bar & Palazzina. It was also good up by the lobby. You should get a great signal in the big hammock in the tree between Palazzina and the beach.
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    DH streamed a college football game through our slingbox on the beach in lounge chair between the beach grill and the water sports shack last year.


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    Sorry for the typo I meant CSS and I managed to do it twice. I guess I'm so excited my brain is not functioning properly.... Lol

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    It's iffy. On the beach it's pretty good we were in G block and it only really worked if we were on our patio.

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    Remember, Jamaica is not the US. Streaming from the internet is spotty at best. Add that to all the devices using the resort wifi and you usually get a less than perfect experience (pretty bad actually). 5 years ago when I was the only geek with wifi it was great, now, well everyone has 3 devices.

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    I know for sure the wifi was strong near the balloon bar which has a pool & chairs to sit in.

    The nearest hammock would be right down the nature trail on the way to the mineral pool.

    Otherwise the hammocks near the main beach would be the next choice but it's louder there because of the proximity to the main beach.

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