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    Default Crabracer.......She did it!

    Deb went over to the island with me! We had a blast!!! We were there all week! She hasn't told me if she will go again but I can't wait to get there.

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    OUTSTANDING!! I knew she had it in her. And I'm especially happy that she had a good time. She did have a good time didn't she? And as far as next time, well, one never knows does one.

    There's no question that it takes a certain amount of courage to venture outside of one's comfort zone. From the first time a kid jumps into a pool while a parent waits patiently, giving encouragement to the somewhat frightened child, to going totally against everything you may have ever known or thought about, and getting naked with a bunch of total strangers.

    In both cases, jumping in the water and getting naked add enormous amounts of self confidence to someone who may have thought "I just can't do that". For whatever reasons they may have had. Real or imagined.

    If we were able to learn, early on, to trust the person offering encouragement, and take that big step, we have it in us for the rest of our lives. To believe in yourself, to know that you can go beyond any and all of the things that may have been holding you back. Especially when it comes to opinions of others. Friends, family, co-workers etc.

    To be with one's partner on the island, sharing all that is there, can only strengthen an already established closeness.

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    From what i saw, and I was watching closley, she had a good time. She won't admit it yet. Still have some obsticles to climb. My thought is that next time I won't even mention it and see if she brings it up. I'm betting (and hoping) she will. It was such a wonderful experience. It is so true when I hear people say the "islanders" are a more friendly group. I'm not disparaging The textile folks at all but thereis something "different" out on the island.

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    Chalk up one for our side.It really is an incredible experience. Glad you enjoyed it.

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    Have to agree with you Woodbridgeata,

    Although we have never been to the island, but we will change that this trip, we also find the AN crowd to be that much more friendly. We have been to CSS twice, trip number 3 in 7 days, trip number 4 already booked, and we find the same thing at SSB. It seems that those who indulge in AN, are much more relaxed and at ease with themselves. Last year we spend an afternoon on the main beach, and hardly said hello to anyone. On SSB, we probably talked to everyone!!!
    We did plan to go to the island last year on a trading places day, but the sand gravity took over and ruined that one. So this year we are determined to experience "island life" and are looking forward to it!!!

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    my wife did it for 1st time also in june.We had been to clothing optional beach years ago where she went topless..she had said at home she wasn't gonna go full monty so don't ask...thurs afternoon she asked if I wanted to go to ssb as we had walked over one day to watch the sunset.we passed some people we had met earlier when we were walkin over and got sidetracked back to main beach.fri morn on way to breakfast she said if I wanted to go it was our last chance as we were leaving sat morn.of course I made a beeline straight there where we found a shade next to bar.while I was spreading the towels out and getting stuff out of bag I looked up and she was already a/n.she layed down on chair and read her nook most all day while I got drinks and learned to play bocce ball..that was fun.everyone was so friendly and nice and talked to me more than 5 days on other side.i was invited to play all the games that were started..she was sorry we had to leave next day..although she didn't get around too much except for a couple dips in the water she had fun..and was happy to try again when we go back next year

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