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    Default Just returned from CSS first time!

    I just got back from my honeymoon from CSS and felt compelled to write about our stay since I was a little nervous due to some bad reviews on trip advisor. We stayed just shy of a week and whined and cried about coming home on our last day. The resort is absolutely beautiful! Everything looked as if it was part of a painting, and you really do have to see it to believe it.

    The food was amazing, there isn't one thing that we found disappointing, and there is something for everyone. The food at the Friday night Gala was the best! The room service food was just O.K. but I feel like that's just the norm, I've never had mind blowing food from room service anywhere. The drinks were great as well, and I was surprised to see premium liquors on the shelf, I figured an all-inclusive would have cheap to mid range kind of stuff. The service at all the restaurants was incredible, our water glasses NEVER went below half full, if my cocktail was low at least 2 people would ask me if I would like another, and everyone was just so funny and personable. Our favorite go to drinks were the Jamaican Delight and Flirtini.

    There was live entertainment every night, most of the nights had the same performer but he was really good, and he did different songs every night. We LOVED your entertainment staff, Spaghetti, Linguini, and Sasha. There were a few line dances that I didn't know how to do and Sasha held my hand and talked me through the whole thing. She was so sweet! There were always activities to do, and even if we didn't feel like doing them, Linguini would talk us into it and we were so glad we did. Spaghetti had dinner with us one night, and danced with us the next, she was so much fun! My hubby had to take a picture with her so he could claim her knows her when she becomes a world famous model one day (and we are 100% sure she will!) The after party at the beach bar was a lot of fun also. We danced our butts off the whole night.

    We were in the D-block (D-01) and we LOVED our view. A little bit of the ocean and lots of exotic trees. We would always have a cocktail on our balcony at night and listen to the crickets and frogs, night time there sounded a whole lot different than night time in Michigan. We really liked our room too, I'm not sure why people say they are out dated, they weren't super modern, but I think I wouldn't like it if they were, it wouldn't go with the whole laid back Carribean theme the rest of the resort had.

    We also were very happy we brought a flashlight, (it is VERY possible for a stingray to be on the beach, we saw one and probably wouldn't have without the flashlight) kitty cat treats for the cats (there's like 5 wild cats that live in the bush's on the bottom of the staircase that goes from D-block to the beach), and bug spray. I got the SSS from Avon bug spray and neither of us were bothered once.

    Also, do not miss out on the Falls trip, we had such a great time, no matter your fitness level or age it was pretty easy. We saw all shapes and sizes climbing up the falls, and remember your water shoes! We bought ours for $5 at Meijer and they were perfect, or the driver will stop and you can get them for $17 a pair. The tour guide who leads you up the falls WILL ask for a tip, so bring a little cash, a lot of people in our group did not know that and had no money with them.

    All in all we had an amazing time, and we are already talking about putting money aside each week so we can go back in about a year or so!

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    Always love to hear that someone has had a great vacation. We love CSS as well.

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    Thanks for the review! We leave for our first trip to CSS in a month and I still can't get enough into. I enjoy reading about everyone's trips. Congratulations on your wedding!

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    Thank you!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    We're from Michigan as well....we'll be at CSA in December, some relief from the snow and cold

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    And we're from Michigan too!! We enjoyed our 1st trip to CSS in April this year. The sounds at night are worth paying attention to, they are certainly different from Michigan. Happy you found your trip very enjoyable, we did too. We thought the same about everything you wrote about. Can't wait to go back!! Hoping all other first timers, who are not sure, will read this review and be certain they've made the right choice of resort!

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