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    Default CTI vs. CSS - I promise I read all the old posts!!!

    Hi team,

    After rebooking at FOUR other resorts from MX to Jamaica, we have decided that Couples is the place for us. Why did I book so many other places, well I am compulsive and thats what I do! We are traveling 10/17-10/23 and I have promised my wife this is the last change, and really feel that it is based on the talk on this board, all the included activities, and the real Island vibe I get. Unfortunately our choices are limited to CSS and CTI (not that they are bad, but would have loved to consider CN). Which one would you pick based on OUR priorites??

    1. Ocean views from the room- CTI = deluxe ocean room, CSS = 1 bdrm ocean suite.
    2. Water activities seem a wash, we also want entertainment when in the mood, when not can retire to the room for music,wine, and peace.
    3. A beach that consistently has loungers open (and pool for that matter) and an ocean I can take a dip occasionally.
    4. High quality food. Variety is not quite as important, but when I eat I want it to be tasty!!!

    We are young (early 30s) but we tend to be home bodies and, to be 100% honest, I am a bit shy. I want to participate and have fun, but the loud music and pressuring of "entertainment groups" at larger resorts is off putting. After a few drinks, I can party with the best though!!!

    Any suggestions would be great. I'm hoping to try one now and a different next time!!



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    While they both have mostly what you're looking for, I'd say you will be happier with the food at CTI. They have more choices available and you really can't go wrong with anything on any of their menus!

    Don't be disappointed you can't visit the other side of the island! Embrace that you're going to be visiting a gorgeous resort and you may fall in love with it so much that you won't want to try Negril!


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    Tough choice! But Honestly - for your first trip to a couples resort, you simply can't go wrong Whichever you choose.

    So don't sweat it - flip a coin and you'll still pick a good resort!

    1. the right room at either resort will have a fabulous view of the ocean
    2. They are a wash but css usually has less wind and calmer seas - better for kayaks - but worse for hobie cat sailing.
    3. You should find plenty at either and both beaches are pretty similar.
    4. Both are equally good - but I'm not very picky - my wife is a vegetarian and she is very insistent that the pasta bar at css is the best of both resorts - but for main courses I would say they are very equal.

    Some things to consider between the two resorts that make them different:

    1. Css is very large and spread out - it's possible to meet people on the taxi from the airport and never see them during an entire week! This is nice if you want intimacy and the chance to have a pool / Jacuzzi to yourself for a while and nice, quiet times with your wife as there are a lot of hidden places to escape explore

    Cti is compact - so if you're with a group or are looking to meet people and party, then cti is perfect as it's easy to find all your friends & activities

    Both are very romantic and fun to be at - it just depends on your mood / intent of your vacation

    2. Cti is newer and has a more modern hotel look and feel - css is older, and has a more rustic look and feel but also maintains harmony with the lush tropical surroundings

    Both have all the modern conveniences and are equally kept clean and have very few Differences In facilities/amenities

    3. If you are trying the AN areas - the island is only open from ~9-5 and if it's a red flag day, the island can close completely - the AN areas at css never close so if you are short on time and this is a major part of your trip, css might be better choice

    And remember you can trade places for a day to see the other resort.

    We started going to css and would trade places to cti - this year we're splitting our stay - 3 nights at cti - 7 nights at css.

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    Which ever one you chose, sign up for the romance rewards and you can go to the other for a day to try it. My vote is for CTI but everyone will have their own opinion.

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    First of all, you know that you can't go wrong. It's Couples. That being said, our recommendations come from a somewhat bias point of view, simply because we all have our favorites.
    Ours happens to be CTI. In 58 days we will go back for our 36 visit. So you see what I meant about being biased. However, we have also been to CSS and we enjoyed the experience. Especially SSB. It's glorious.
    There are more steps to climb from the rooms to the pool or other restaurants. But it's nothing to worry about.
    The grounds are beautiful and well kept. All of your requirements would be found at CSS.
    And of course, they will be found at CTI. With the renovation that the resort underwent a number of years ago, it brought it into the 21st century. Sitting on your balcony of a Premier Ocean room, you have a breathtaking view of the ocean.

    Good luck with your decision making.


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    Brett ~ Either one will support your priorities. But I find CSS more private than CTI. If you are shy, you might want to go to CSS. The resort is spread out and it can feel like you are on a deserted island resort with just your sweetie. I really enjoyed CSS. There is a mineral pool that is usually quiet and very relaxing. Never had problems finding chairs on the beach or at the pool. Food is fabulous at both. You really can't make a wrong decision.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSS is great but CTI is our Couples choice. Great food, fantastic staff and incredible ambiance.

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    We love CTI. All of the rooms have great food, the food is amazing, the swim-up pool is awesome. I'm 32, my hubs is 40. This is our 3rd trip back.

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    Honestly I think that with your list either resort would fit the bill. Personally I would save a bit of $ and do the secret rendevous. The only thing with that is you are not guaranteed an ocean view room.

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    We prefer the ocean views at CSS because they seem more expansive and varied than at CTI, although the island at CTI does make a nice focal point. If you want to do the catamaran, you need to go to CTI because it can't come to CSS. I have never had problems finding a lounger at either (shaded loungers are more rare), but they are more numerous at CSS because the beach is bigger. We like staying on the cliff at CSS (where the 1 bdrm ocean suites are) because it is a little quieter in the evenings than the main building at CTI. Food is excellent at both, although I prefer the menus at CSS. The activities staff at Couples are good about encouraging people to join without being pushy or obnoxious if you aren't a joiner - much better than the places we visited in Mexico. Hope this helps.

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    Hi everyone.

    After a lot of thought and internet searching, we booked CSS. Couldn't be happier!!! It was close and I think CTI would have been fantastic, good thing we plan on going back again, or maybe we can check it out for a day.

    Sorry about the repetitive post, I know this has been talked about ad nauseum. Turns out google is a better search engine even for searching within this blog!! That and you find may more results using the abbreviations for the resorts (results better searching "CSS vs. CTI" instead of the full names), go figure.

    Will post pictures after we get back. Cheers!

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    I've not been to CTI, but CSS seems to fill your bill. Water activities are not a wash since CSS does not have catamaran cruises (the boats can't get in the area where CSS is--we did miss that having gone to CSA before CSS). Going on the 17th of October you second night there will be the gala which is not to be missed.

    We've been to both CSA and CSS. My wife's favorite is CSS, while mine is CSA.

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    I think the fact so many people wrote insightful responses speaks to the type of community it is!! Thank you. We did book CSS in the end, more based on gut feeling. I hope we can still socialize despite the spread out nature of the resort. I don't want to party all night but would like to make some new friends!

    Thanks again for all the truly helpful comments.

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