Hi team,

After rebooking at FOUR other resorts from MX to Jamaica, we have decided that Couples is the place for us. Why did I book so many other places, well I am compulsive and thats what I do! We are traveling 10/17-10/23 and I have promised my wife this is the last change, and really feel that it is based on the talk on this board, all the included activities, and the real Island vibe I get. Unfortunately our choices are limited to CSS and CTI (not that they are bad, but would have loved to consider CN). Which one would you pick based on OUR priorites??

1. Ocean views from the room- CTI = deluxe ocean room, CSS = 1 bdrm ocean suite.
2. Water activities seem a wash, we also want entertainment when in the mood, when not can retire to the room for music,wine, and peace.
3. A beach that consistently has loungers open (and pool for that matter) and an ocean I can take a dip occasionally.
4. High quality food. Variety is not quite as important, but when I eat I want it to be tasty!!!

We are young (early 30s) but we tend to be home bodies and, to be 100% honest, I am a bit shy. I want to participate and have fun, but the loud music and pressuring of "entertainment groups" at larger resorts is off putting. After a few drinks, I can party with the best though!!!

Any suggestions would be great. I'm hoping to try one now and a different next time!!