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    Will be returning to CN next year. I have looked on their social activies list and seen an excursion to a local sunset bar. Has anyone ever done this excursion? If so, did you like it and what does it consist of? It is offered on Monday, which is also the day of the repeaters dinner. Im trying to get some info to help me decide which one to do. Thanks so much!

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    It's offered Sun, Mon, and Fri, and I totally recommend it. The shuttle picks you up at the front desk around 5p and takes you to Pushcart, which is the outdoor restaurant on top of the cliffs above the cat cruise swim stop. You're only gone for about an hour and a half to two hours. The shuttle is free, but you tip the driver. He waits for you outside the entrance. We sit along the fence, right at the edge of the cliffs, order a couple beers and the ackee patty appetizer and watch the most beautiful sunset ever. If you go on Mon, you should make it back for the Repeater Dinner, no problem. Just let the driver know of your plan.
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    My cousin, her husband, my husband and I were all there last year. It really is just a little bar that serves food as well. They have a fabulous jerk sampler platter and the view is AMAZING at sunset!!! Very relazing and I thought it was well worth it!

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    There are lots of small bars along the cliffs to just go and watch sunset. Highly recommend everyone get off the resort and go to the cliffs for sunset and dinner at least once!!!
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    You may also want to check out the "One Love Bus Tour", it was one of the best times of our trip!! Hits 7 small pubs, ends around the cliffs for sunset!

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