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    Default booked for next Aug flights just posted

    My wife and I are booked to return to CN next August and the flights have been posted and we came across a problem or delema rather. The cheap flights I found the flight into MBJ is not ideal, the departure flight is what I wanted though. Issue is for me to fly in at the early flight in that we want it would cost us just over $300 more to get 4 more hours on the island. So now I find myself trying to decide do we spend the extra money or just go with the later flight? Then I got to thinking I know lets just add another day and get 20 more hours for $372 bucks instead of $300 for 4 hours. The call has been made to my travel agent and we are just awaiting the ok from Couples to add another day at the beginning of the trip, and as long as there is no problem with is messing up the promotions we got when I booked back in march we will be enjoying another day in Paradise. It was late on friday to get a decision so ill know on monday. woohoo soon come

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    Got the ok from Couples so looks like we are extending our stay by one day and I could not be happier. Nothing to do now but watch the clock and wait for the time to go by.

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    Brilliant! That is always my dilemma too! What a fantastic solution!

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