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    Default It's all I can do.....

    with so much going on at home, possession of our new house next week, start my new job the week after and planning our wedding next summer...ALL I can seem to do is day dream about CSS! the people, the spa, SSB, the diving, the food and drinks, and being there with my fiancee and our very close friends!(who we met at CSS last year!)
    am I alone with this issue? how do others cope??

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    You're not alone. We leave for CN in 22 days. All I want to do organize, pack, shop for, talk about and dream of CN(and this has been going on since Christmas 2012 when my husband surprised me with our 2nd trip to CN) . Instead I'm trying to get my work buttoned up - I have not only a ton of end of quarter work to do, but also preparing to be gone from a very busy job for 2 weeks. Also, I have an 8th birthday to plan for on October 2, a 6th birthday to plan for on October 30th, costumes to buy for Halloween, babysitting instructions and medical releases for grandparents ... I could go on and on!

    23 days from right now we'll be getting ready to fly out of Atlanta to MoBay - I can not wait!!

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    two October babies Shawna - I have 2 of those ( though 16 & 20 now ) Good New Year's resolutions or maybe just good New year's Eves!

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    I am right there with you!!!! 18 sleeps...I have done a trial packing for myself already. But I could get in that suit case every night and pull out stuff and repack it. LOL...

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    My husband did a trial pack of the car! We bought a new car and we down sized a lot. He was worried the suitcases wouldn't fit. We don't leave for CN until December 8th.
    CTI- December 2010
    CN- December 2013

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