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    This may sound silly, but does anyone know if there are any limits on how much coffee can be brought back to the states?

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    Teh only thing that I believe is limited is the alcohol. I don't think there is any limit on the coffee. The only limit would be the weight of your luggage.

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    No limit of coffee except for the weight in you luggage.
    Irie Mon

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    The weight of your wallet may have a limiting affect on your coffee importing plans as well. Genuine Blue Mountain coffee is not inexpesive.

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    There is a limit on coffee. You are allowed to bring back 10 lbs per person so we always bring back 20 lbs and it lasts us through the year.

    The US government thinks that if you are bringing back more than 10lbs of coffee per person that you are retailing the coffee and will be charged an import tax.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No limit other that the weight limit in your luggage.

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    You can not exceed $800 per person without paying duty. If you are looking to bring back Blue Mountain coffee be warned to look at labels carefully--most Blue Mountain coffee beans are exported to Japan so even though a label may say Blue Mountain...the fine print likely says 10% Blue Mountain beans, the rest is Arabica usually. 100% B.M. beans are likely to run $30-$40 per pound IF you can find it.

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