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    Default Golf CTI -- any really avid golfers

    played the Upton course recently? Wondering if it's worth bringing clubs; condition of course, etc. For someone who golfs several times a week in the summer, is the course challenging enough to play more than once or twice?


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    Here is a link with pictures and a review of the course. It is not a hard course, but it is nice to play. Check with you airline on the bringing your own clubs, the rules may have changed.
    Irie Mon

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    Most certainly a challenge especially if the wind is blowing. Course conditions change with time of year your attend. Remember that you are on vacation, green fees are included, it's certainly a challenge, it's a beautiful tropical course and you will have a great time.! My wife got a hole in one on this course and she received all the pomp and ceremony that come's if you were at your home course! If you are a serious golfer bring your clubs!

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    When are you going to CTI? We are avid golfers and really enjoyed the course 2 years ago. It was far better than Negril Hills, more professionally run too. We'll be there January 14-28.

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    Thank you for the replies! We will be there December 12-19 so won't be able to join you Marnies. Enjoy your trip!

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