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    For most of the past few months of summer, I wasn’t really thinking about it at all. I knew that it was there, tucked up somewhere in my brain, but it wasn’t calling me. It wasn’t taunting me. Begging me for more and more attention each day. Making it difficult to concentrate and get through the day.

    But, as I said, I knew it was there. And I knew that in due time, “it” would start to lose its self contained consistency,
    Forcing it to begin to take over other parts of the body,
    and begin oozing slowly into areas of my, as yet, unaffected brain. I wasn’t far from wrong.

    Around the end of July, I happen to look at the wall calendar, here next to the computer, and I noticed that we were fast approaching the ever popular and lovely “DDDD”. Double Digit Dance Day. That percolated my kettle. I quickly went to the next page to see exactly what day to celebrate. There it was. With a big smiley face and stars and squiggles. August 7, 2013. Not at all meaningful to anyone else in the world, but for these two humans, there were hugs and kisses, giggles and smiles, more hugs and kisses and then, a long slow Ahhhhhhh. Needless to say, my safe and secure zone where “it” had been residing, had been seriously compromised. There was no getting around it this time. Couples was rapidly moving to the forefront and any ideas I may have had about just leaving “it” alone, was no longer an option open to me.

    From here on out, my thoughts and daydreams, my stupid look on my face while I’m at work, and they all think I’m crazy, the lapses in memory and generally fidgety, anxious, a little short tempered, and just plain, “I WANT TO GO RIGHT NOW PLEASE”!!
    We’ve all been there, done that. But we never get enough of it, and I don’t care how many or how few trips one has to Couples, you never get enough. That’s what makes returning such a wonderful experience. And that experience always begins with a couple who are beginning to either, have their first magical mystery tour, or a couple planning their ?? visit.

    We are in the later category. Planning #36 Believe me, it’s as unbelievable to us as it is to anyone else.
    From that first moment that we drove up the driveway to COR in 1995, we felt as though we had been transported to some fantasy island that we may have read about or seen pictures of. But it was not a fantasy. As I got off the van and stepped into the lobby, I was absolutely at a loss for words. I could barely contain myself as my eyes darted from one object to another. My mouth hung open and the smile that crossed my face was from the deepest place in my soul.
    It was a moment and a feeling that we will never forget. It was, in fact, life changing. Although we did not know it at that moment, it became quite apparent that just having that one overwhelming incredible time, was not, by any stretch of the imagination, going to be enough. We definitely wanted to return.

    And return we did. Year after year. Then twice a year. Until now we start the whole thing rolling once again. The excitement. The anticipation. The fun we have just thinking about getting down the bags. Sorting, sorting, sorting. This goes, that stays. Starting to make notes of “things to do” before we leave. And watching that number get smaller and smaller. Knowing that with each passing digit, it brings us one digit closer to “home”.

    Sixty-three days out. The plane is booked. It now becomes a waiting game. Endlessly waiting. But despite the long sometimes agonizing days, the sleepless nights, the confusion, the giddyness, the complete lack of decorum and overwrought anxiety, we still find unbridled enjoyment, laughter and happiness, and the friendship of others to be worth so much more than we could have possibly hoped for. Time after time after time.

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    And we all get to sample your prose. Win win for all of us. Thanks Richie!

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    Why fight it? - don't put it away in the back of your mind - I don't as it gets me through the tedium of the working week.

    Not that I am wishing my life away but currently we have 3 vacations booked - Bali in just 35 days, CSS in 188 days and Zakynthos (Greek Island) in 315 days (Not that I am counting!!!!!).

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    Falcon: Just having the countdown calendar and marking off each day, is enough to keep me psyched. As I said, I know that "it" is there, even when it's in the back of my mind, and fuels every day that I wake up.

    I will be turning 73 in November and in all those years, I have never been so preoccupied with and consumed by, getting back to Couples. It's a thrilling, exhilarating and just plain wonderful fun.

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    I'm going on Couples Trip #1 and feel the same way too! Especially the endlessly waiting part haha! November 21st hurry uppppp

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    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I want time to fly leading up to the trip, but once we arrive I want time to basically stand still.

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    Have another wonderful trip home! Wish we could join you!

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